For investors

Trading Strategy offers investor direct investments in algorithm trading strategies.

  • Algorithms trade on decentralised exchanges across different blockchains

  • Algorithm trades real-time, based on technical analysis data, and it is likely to beat any non-professional trader doing trades themselves

  • Algorithms aim to offer better yield than decentralised finance risk-free rate, but less drawdown risk than buy-and-hold strategies

  • Algorithms aim to beat the index yield that could be e.g. hold BTC, hold ETH, hold DeFi top 10 tokens

  • Easy user experienced wher users can directly access strategies from their wallet

  • Investors and strategy developers see the backtested and the live performance of a strategy and can assess the risk themselves

Smart contract benefits

  • The user can withdraw and deposit in real-time, there is no delay for the redemption

  • Smart contract, non-custodial system protects against insider fraud and fee manipulation

  • Third parties can easily verify if trades and fees have been correctly calculated

Supported wallets

  • Secure hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor

  • Desktop wallets, like MetaMask

  • Mobile wallets, like those enabled by WalletConnect protocol