Next generation
algorithmic trading protocol
for decentralised markets

Create or invest in algorithmic trading strategies on decentralised
markets. The Trading Strategy protocol facilitates automated
cryptocurrency trading built on a safe and secure non-custodial


The Trading Strategy protocol creates value for all participants within the DeFi ecosystem.

Traders and investors

  • Access automated trading strategies created by skilled strategy developers and quants
  • Provides typically better yield than lending pools, with considerably less risk than buy-and-hold strategies
  • Automated trading outperforms most non-professional investors
  • 24/7 automated trading to capture opportunities even when you sleep
  • Easier to use compared to centralised exchange trading bot services, no API keys needed
  • Direct trade execution on-chain without a counter-party risk

Strategy developers and quants

  • Create and easily deploy trading algorithms for decentralised markets
  • Access decentralised markets without needing technical knowledge of blockchains or smart contracts
  • Easily backtest and optimise your strategies against huge datasets available in the familiar candle format
  • Access to focused investor base for your strategy
  • Increase your portfolio by earning profit share and performance rewards from strategies you have created
  • Gain rewards based on your strategies performance
  • Access to an expert community focused on algorithmic trading
  • Public open source or private strategies enabled

Our partners

The Trading Strategy protocol

Trading Strategy is the first protocol replacing investment managers with code.
Read how Trading Strategy protocol compares to yield farming and quantative hedge funds.

Active on-chain trading

  • Protocol is fully compatible with 1M+ trading pairs on all major decentralised markets and blockchains such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain
  • Market signal analysis and trade entries/exits are executed on the decentralised Trading Strategy Oracle network, which is running off-chain and utilises high server capacity and provessing power not available on “pure” smart contracts
  • Multipair and portfolio rebalancing strategies are supported

100% control of your funds

  • Deposit and withdraw in real-time. As a non-custodial protocol, there is no counter-party risk with fund management or trade execution
  • Invest into and exit a strategy whenever you chose

Protocol security

  • Smart contracts allow fund transfer only into trades and withdrawals back to the investor’s own wallet
  • Smart contract based fund management and Oracle consensus: No centralised parties that can enable insider fraud
  • Strategies with low liquidity assets receive higher risk score
  • Community vetting of strategies
  • Before public access, testing live trading with private capital
  • Audit partners to audit and verify smart contract code

Market data

  • We collect raw market data for 1M+ trading pairs directly from decentralised exchanges on multiple integrated blockchains
  • Converts raw data to the familiar OHLCV candles and XY liquidity format

Real-time API (REST)

  • Price, volume and liquidity data for decentralised exchanges
  • Trading pairs
  • OHLCV candles for pricing
  • OHLC candles for exchange liquidity

Backtesting data

  • All historical price, volume and liquidity data for decentralised exchanges (DEX)
  • Parquet file format
  • Large files

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