Algorithmic trading protocol for decentralised markets

Trading Strategy is a decentralised protocol for the next generation quantitative finance. Decentralised automated trading strategies allow investing with more profit and lower risk, as investors get direct access to high quality investing strategies and real-time control over their assets.

As the first in the world, Trading Strategy covers everything from market connectivity, trading signals, backtesting, trade execution, fund management and rewarding quantitative finance experts in a single permissionless protocol. This disrupts centralised exchanges and hedge funds by replacing their roles with smart contracts based asset management. Open ecosystem around the protocol nurtures fast community growth, so that strategy developers reach global earning potential not possible otherwise.


The protocl creates value for all participants in decentralised finance ecosystem.

Traders and investors

Automated trading strategies offer better yield than lending pools with considerable less risk than buy-and-hold strategies. Automated trading outperforms most non-professional investors.

Trading Strategy is easier to use than centralised exchange trading bot services, no API keys needed.

Hedge funds

Decentralised markets are still very inefficient and offer plenty of great opportunities for systematic traders. Gain access to new markets and investors by enabling your trading strategy on the protocol, or invest in the existing strategies.

DeFi and DEX partners

Integrate Trading Strategy to your wallet, decentralised exchange or token service. Add value to your users and will bring high quality liquidity to trading pools.

Gain referral fees for bringing in new investors and traders who are now more likely to outperform the market.

Unique value proposition

Trading Strategy is the first protocol replacing investment managers and fund back offices with code. Read how Trading Strategy protocol compares to yield farming and quantative hedge funds.

Active on-chain trading

The protocol can trade 50k+ trading pairs on various decentralised markets and blockchains, like Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Active trading strategies can be as complex as any professional algorithm. Trading signal analysis and determining positions happens on the Trading Strategy oracle network, utilising server capacity not available on pure smart contracts. Multipair and portfolio rebalancing strategies are supported.

100% control of your funds

Deposit and withdraw in real-time. No counter-party risks with a fund management or centralised exchanges

Earn developing strategies

As a quantitative finance expert or programmer, launch your algorithm on the protocol and earn fees from investors. The decentralised protocol enables fee sharing with flexible structures, including profit sharing and management fees, similar to hedge funds.

Public open source and private closed source code strategies are supported.

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