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Meet Trading Strategy in E-2 Asset Management Summit on Jan 24th

Thu Jan 20 2022 Published:

Trading Strategy team will participate in the virtual panel discussions at the conference about next-generation asset management. Get your free tickets.

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Trading Strategy interview at Citizen Cosmos podcast

Thu Jan 13 2022 Published:

Trading Strategy visits Citizen Cosmos podcast to discuss systematic trading and the change decentralised finance brings to everyday investors, traders, hedge funds and society.

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Announcing liquidity OHLC charts and API

Wed Jan 12 2022 Published:

Trading Strategy created a new kind of liquidity chart that makes it easy to understand liquidity formation on decentralised exchanges.

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Building a cryptocurrency site with Svelte, Python and TimescaleDB

Thu Jan 06 2022 Published:

This blog post is a technical overview of Trading Strategy protocol software stack for developers.

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Trading Strategy Python client version 0.3 released

Tue Dec 28 2021 Published:

Trading Strategy protocol Python client is a Jupyter Notebook library for researching and executing algorithmic trading on decentralised exchanges. It is aimed at quantitative finance researches working on blockchains and decentralised finance (DeFi).

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Trading data is now available for Binance Smart Chain

Fri Dec 03 2021 Published:

Professional market-data fees are now available for 700k trading pairs on Binance Smart Chain.

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How to build a large disk server for hosting GoEthereum full node

Thu Nov 11 2021 Published:

How to prepare a GoEthereum server for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche or Harmony One

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Trading Strategy protocol wins in EthLisbon hackathon

Thu Oct 28 2021 Published:

The Trading Strategy team wins in EtHLisbon hackathon. We created a trading strategy that accrues interest in Aave USDC lending pool when a trading position is not open.

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Announcing Trading Strategy protocol

Thu Oct 07 2021 Published:

In this blog post, we announce, a decentralised protocol for algorithmic trading.

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