Algorithmic trading protocol for decentralised markets

Price, liquidity and systematic trading data for 3 blockchains, 2,021 decentralised exchanges, 796,584 trading pairs and 670,367 tokens.


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Invest in non-custodial, active, trading strategies run by the oracle network.

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A volatility trading strategy that keeps capital accruing interest in Aave USDC pool when the strategy does not have a trading position open.

Trades on: 1inch on Polygon

Historical return: 21%


Meet Trading Strategy in E-2 Asset Management Summit on Jan 24th

Thu Jan 20 2022

Trading Strategy team will participate in the virtual panel discussions at the conference about next-generation asset management. Get your free tickets.

Trading Strategy interview at Citizen Cosmos podcast

Thu Jan 13 2022

Trading Strategy visits Citizen Cosmos podcast to discuss systematic trading and the change decentralised finance brings to everyday investors, traders, hedge funds and society.

Announcing liquidity OHLC charts and API

Wed Jan 12 2022

Trading Strategy created a new kind of liquidity chart that makes it easy to understand liquidity formation on decentralised exchanges.

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