Algorithmic trading protocol for decentralised markets

Invest in ready-made strategies or offer your own trading strategies run by a decentralised oracle network

ETH-USDC double seven

A school book strategy for a single trading pair volatility trading by using closing price momentum.

Currently invested: Coming soon

Trades on: Sushiswap on Ethereum

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Pancake momentum

A momentum portfolio strategy for low cap tokens.

Currently invested: Coming soon

Trades on: PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain

Trading Strategy network status

Currently running 1 oracle nodes, connected to 1 blockchains, 264 decentralised exchanges with 57,359 trading pairs and 48,863 tokens. Automated trading strategies make decisions based on 181 GB oracle data.

About Trading Strategy protocol

Trading Strategy is a decentralised protocol for the next generation quantitative finance. Decentralised automated trading strategies allow investing with more profit and lower risk, as investors get direct access to high quality investing strategies and real-time control over their assets.

As the first in the world, Trading Strategy covers everything from market connectivity, trading signals, backtesting, trade execution, fund management and rewarding quantitative finance experts in a single permissionless protocol. This disrupts centralised exchanges and hedge funds by replacing their roles with smart contracts based asset management. Open ecosystem around the protocol nurtures fast community growth, so that strategy developers reach global earning potential not possible otherwise.