Trading data

Explore and download price charts from multiple blockchains and decentralised exchanges.

Explore data


Trading Strategy provides market data feeds for on-chain trading on several blockchains.

Currently indexing data from 3 blockchains.

Decentralised exchanges

Trading Strategy provides data for decentralised exchanges. All market data is based on on-chain trades, on Uniswap v2 style automated market maker exchanges.

Currently indexing data from 2893 decentralised exchanges.

Trading pairs

Trading pairs have OHLCV candle data available between 1 minute to 30 day time frames. Historical and current datasets are available.

Currently indexing data from 1,241,330 trading pairs.

Advanced token search

Search tokens across blockchains and exchanges. Sort by liquidity, volume or price change.

Search data over 1,241,330 trading pairs.

Programmatic access


Download historical OHLCV data for backtesting your trading algorithms. Liquidity information is available for calculating past slippage. Datasets are served in Parquet file format.

Currently having 1,890 GB data available.

Real-time API

Connect your trading algorithms for real-time market feeds for live trading.

Real-time API is available in OpenAPI v3 format, no API keys or sign ups needed.

Documentation and notebooks

Trading Strategy supports popular quantitative finance toolkits for Python programming language. Use popular Jupyter Notebooks, Pandas and other libraries to crunch through the data.

Documentation contains tutorials and examples for starting algorithmic trading.