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Decentralised trading bots

Trading Strategy protocol is still under development. Any documentation is preliminary and not final.

Trading Strategy is a protocol for on-chain quantitative finance and trade automation. You can develop and backtest trading strategies based on all trades ever happened on any blockchain. Live data is available to one minute accuracy.

The ready strategies, or trading bots, can be deployed as autonomous agents running on smart contracts. Strategies then trade on decentralised exchanges. After deployed, anyone can invest in and withdraw from the strategies in real time. As trade rules are automated on-chain, anyone can verify the honest execution of the trading strategy.

Trading Strategy integrates with Jupyter notebook, Pandas, Backtrader and other popular quantitative finance toolkits popular in Python data science ecosystem.

Visit the main website or Getting started tutorial if you are a programmer.

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Find the protocol documentation, Python documentation and example research notebooks below.

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