Algorithmic trading workshop: Comparing TradingView and Coinbase to DeFi

Trading Strategy will attend the Avalanche Summit, an annual conference for everyone building and using decentralised technology on Avalanche and beyond. Learn about the latest Avalanche platform updates, see the innovations, and meet like-minded creators realizing the next generation of Web3. The event will host world class participants from the entire blockchain ecosystem with guest speakers from Kraken, Ava Labs, Trader Joe, Amazon, Circle, Republic Capital and many more.

An equity curve and benchmark of a simple example algorithmic trading strategy. In the workshop, we compare Coinbase and Trader Joe implementation and performance.

In addition to attending the event, Trading Strategy Co-founders Mikko Ohtamaa and Teemu Sorvisto will be hosting an official Avalanche Summit workshop "Algorithmic Trading on DeFi: Comparing TradingView and Coinbase to Trader Joe" during the event. The founders will be explaining the concepts, technology and giving a showcase on automated trading strategies run on Avalanche. For preview please see the example Github repository.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies on Decentralised Markets

Workshop details:

  • Date: 05/03/2023
  • Start Time: 03:15 pm
  • End Time: 03:45 pm
  • Workshop Length: 30 min
  • Stage: Auditori
  • Location: Poble Espanyol - Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Gu├árdia, 13, 08038 Barcelona, Spain

The Trading Strategy team will be active at the event and looking for decentralised exchange, trader, and algorithmic strategy developer partners. If you are interested in speaking with us please drop us an email and let's discuss.

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