Meet Trading Strategy in E-2 Asset Management Summit on Jan 24th

Trading Strategy team will participate in the virtual panel discussions at the conference about next-generation asset management.

Get your free tickets. E-2 Summit is brought you to by Enzyme Finance and Dystopia Labs. The summit is from January 24th to 25th.

Opportunities to utilise Enzyme Finance in trading

Trading Strategy is a decentralised protocol for algorithmic trading, allowing cryptocurrency traders and strategy developers to access decentralised markets with efficiencies and risk mitigation provided by automation. While it's easy to trade on our own account, also called proprietary trading or prop trading, often professional setups have more complex accounting and fund management needs. Enzyme Finance solves this problem by providing a protocol that replaces the traditional fund "back office" functionality with smart contracts.

By utilising Enzyme Finance pools traders can provide full transparency to trading activities, compete on leaderboards, advertise their services and manage the treasuries of their algorithms. Because of the composability of decentralised finance, it is easy to integrate Trading Strategy algorithms into Enzyme Finance pools.

Read more about Enzyme Finance protocol version 2.0. Both Trading Strategy and Enzyme are launching on Polygon blockchain.

Agenda of E-2 Summit

Trading Strategy is an algorithmic trading protocol for decentralised markets, enabling automated trading on decentralised exchanges (DEXs). Learn more about algorithmic trading here.

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