Introducing the New Market Data Integration with's Verse DEX

Introducing the New Market Data Integration with's Verse DEX

We are happy to announce that we have integrated's Verse DEX, to the Trading Strategy protocol. This integration brings together two powerful DeFi trading protocols to provide traders with an enhanced trading experience and access to a wide range of exciting opportunities within the decentralised ecosystem.

Verse DEX, developed by, is a full-featured decentralised exchange. It is a key component of the ecosystem, providing anyone in the world with a secure way to swap cryptocurrencies without having to rely on third-party custodians. Users of Verse can also earn yield by providing liquidity to the Verse DEX and through Verse Farms. The integration with Trading Strategy opens up new possibilities for both Trading Strategy and Verse DEX users to access a wider array of trading opportunities and algorithmic trading for decentralised markets.

VERSE - ETH Price & Volume Chart on Trading Strategy
VERSE-ETH Price and volume chart on Trading Strategy

Verse DEX market data sets are now available to view on Trading Strategy here. The integration allows users to view formatted trading data from the Verse DEX and to access raw market data for their own personal use. This includes price & volume (OHLCV) and liquidity trading charts that have been formatted to familiar candle format. CEO Dennis Jarvis commented, “This integration with Trading Strategy aligns perfectly with our vision to foster economic freedom through the power of blockchain technology. By combining our strengths, we're creating a seamless and enhanced trading experience for users. With the Verse DEX, traders can securely swap cryptocurrencies without relying on third-party custodians, and now, they can also take advantage of Trading Strategy's robust algorithmic capabilities. This integration doesn't just broaden the horizons for traders; it symbolises our commitment to creating a more accessible and decentralised financial ecosystem. Together, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible in DeFi and are excited about what this means for the future of trading and economic freedom.”

In addition to the market data sets, the integration will allow Trading Strategy users to utilise the Verse DEX for their algorithmic trading strategies (coming soon). Strategy creators will be able to select tokens and trading pairs on the Verse protocol to backtest their strategies and execute automated trading using the Trading Strategy framework. Learn more about Trading Strategy’s algorithmic trading capabilities here. operated by Trading Strategy Operations Ltd., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.