Join us at GFIA's Crypto Risk Management Seminar in Gibraltar

Crypto Risk Management - Mikko Ohtamaa Speaker

The Gibraltar Funds & Investments Association (GFIA) will be hosting a seminar on Crypto Risk Management on the 16th February at The Sunborn, Gibraltar.

Join Trading Strategy, CEO and Co-founder, Mikko Ohtamaa where he will be sharing his expert opinion on the unique risks and challenges that come with working with managing cryptocurrencies within investment funds, and strategies for mitigating risk while meeting regulatory requirements. Mikko will be joined by an expert panel that will share their insights and experiences in navigating the complex world of crypto risk and governance.

In this event, you'll gain a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape surrounding crypto investments, including the latest updates from government agencies and financial regulators. You'll also learn about best practices for fund governance and risk management in the crypto space, including the use of qualified custodians, regular audits, and robust compliance policies. Whether you're a fund manager, investor, or regulatory professional, this event is a must-attend for anyone looking to stay up to date on the latest developments in crypto risk management and fund governance.

The panelists for the seminar:

Mikko Ohtamaa - Co-founder & CEO, Trading Strategy

Alon Gol - Co-founder, Prycto

Benjamin Ittah - Head of Sales & Distribution Europe, Hashdex

Roei Bar Aviv - CTO and Co-Founder, SpringSoftware Ltd - Gibraltar

Philip Vasquez - Chief Legal Officer,

If you are interested in going to the event, you can sign up here: