Keeping Blockchain Applications Secure - A Pathway to Sustainable Security

We are in the early stages of blockchain technology and in an infant stage of blockchain application security. Today, everyone is concerned about cybersecurity, and even though blockchain infrastructure is technically very strong as it is decentralised and distributed, the attacks on blockchain applications are still frequent.

Web3 is full of innovation and sits at the forefront of future technology. However, with the boom of new innovation and concepts, means an increase in risk from security attacks. Web3 is a playground for hackers due to the rapid development pace of these blockchain applications which leaves room for hackers to exploit. This attracts attention from hackers, as simply put, for some various lines of code they can gain large profit and holds them in high regard within the hacker community.

Trading Strategy CEO & Co-founder, Mikko Ohtamma sits down with an expert blockchain security panel at this year's Paris Blockchain Week Summit to moderate a discussion on how we, as an industry and community, can keep a more secure future for these blockchain applications. Watch the panel discussion below to discover key insights on how we can create a more secure ecosystem.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2022 - Keeping Blockchain Applications Secure - A Pathway to Sustainable Security

Clarisse Hag├Ęge - CEO, Dfns
Laszlo Szabo - CEO, Skillz
Isaac Lee - Interim CIO, ZkSpace
Dyma Budorin - CEO, Hacken

Moderated by:
Mikko Ohtamaa - CEO, Trading Strategy

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