Meet Trading Strategy at Avalanche Summit Barcelona

Trading Strategy will be present at Avalanche Summit in Barcelona March 22th - 27th.  Avalanche Summit is a conference for developers, researchers, and makers building on Avalanche.

Trading Strategy is looking for decentralised exchange and algorithmic strategy developer partners. If you are interested in speaking with us please drop us an email and let's discuss.

What are Trading Strategy protocol and algorithmic trading?

Trading Strategy is a new service for algorithmic and technical trading of cryptocurrencies on decentralised exchanges (DEXes).

Algorithmic trading is a derivative of technical analysis; taking trading positions based on pure mathematics and data. Algorithmic trading is part of quantitative finance, the opposite of value investing where trading decisions are made based on fundamentals. Algorithmic trading provides a systematic approach to trading compared to methods based on trader intuition or instinct. Whereas technical analysis often aids humans to take trading positions, in its purest form in algorithmic trading a trading program follows a set of trading rules and independently executes trades on the market 24/7.

Today, Trading Strategy offers market data feeds for Uniswap compatible exchanges across three different blockchains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon) and soon Avalanche. We expect to cover all major decentralised exchanges and exchange types on all major blockchains by the end of the year.

Our mission is to make the development of and investing in algorithmic trading strategies easy. Although serving the comprehensive set of market data is the first step, Trading Strategy is going to grow beyond the information service website. During the course of 2022, the service will be decentralised, so that the whole software solution, strategy and trade execution will be runnable anyone independently (so-called operating a node).

For more information about Trading Strategy, please read the announcement blog post.