Meet Trading Strategy at IVS Crypto 2022 Conference in Japan

Trading Strategy will be attending the largest global crypto conference in Japan, IVS Crypto 2022 in Naha, Okinawa. IVS Crypto is kicking off Japan Blockchain week on July 6-8 and is held by Infinity Ventures Crypto (IVC) and IVS, the largest C-level Japanese startup conference. The event will host world class participants from the entire blockchain ecosystem with guest speakers coming from; Polygon, Solana, Parity, Huobi, Coinbase, Google and SEGA to name a few.

In addition to attending the event, CEO and Co-founder Mikko Ohtamaa will be featured as a panel speaker at IVS Crypto 2022. Mikko will be joined by an expert panel to discuss the next generation of DeFi & DEXs. It is one not to miss, you can see panel details below.

Next Generation of DeFi & DEXs

11:30-12:30, July 8 (JST, local time)
Moderated by Ahmet Ozcan (Semiotic Labs)
Panelists: Mikko Ohtamaa (Trading Strategy), David Gogel (dYdX), Ashish Anand (Bru Finance), Wilson Huang (XY Finance)

The Trading Strategy team will be active at the event and looking for decentralised exchange, trader, and algorithmic strategy developer partners. If you are interested in speaking with us please drop us an email and let's discuss.

What is Trading Strategy?

Trading Strategy is a decentralised protocol for the next generation quantitative finance. Decentralised automated trading strategies enable trading with smooth user experience, disciplined trade execution, and lower risk, as investors get direct access to high quality strategies and real-time control over their assets, without needing the technical knowhow or being bound by time inefficiencies of manually executing trading.

As the first in the world, Trading Strategy unifies market connectivity, on-chain data, trading signals, backtesting, trade execution, fund management, and rewards quantitative finance experts in a single permissionless protocol. This disrupts centralised exchanges and hedge funds by replacing their roles with smart contract based asset management. Open ecosystem around the protocol nurtures fast community growth, so that strategy developers reach global earning potential not possible otherwise.

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