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    Trading Strategy interviewed by Harmony

    Trading Strategy team participated in EthLisbon, an Ethereum hackathon in Lisbon. The amazing Harmony blockchain team was present and doing interviews on the spot. In this interview, Harmony founder Stephen Tse and Mikko Ohtamaa discuss hackathons, maturing DeFi ecosystem and early crypto days.

    Watch the interview

    Steven Tse of Harmony with Mikko Ohtamaa of Trading Strategy

    Trading Strategy and EthLisbon

    Trading Strategy team won in one of the EthLisbon hackathon categories. If you are interested in our Polygon + 1inch + Aave trading strategy presented in the hackathon, please check this blog post.

    More about Harmony

    Harmony is an Ethereum Virtual Machine based smart contract blockchain. Trading Strategy is looking forward to integrating Harmony and all of its on-chain decentralised exchanges this year.

    If you are interested in developing on Harmony, please check out their $300M+ grants program.

    The cover photo by by Evgeny from Re7.

    Trading Strategy is an algorithmic trading protocol for decentralised markets, enabling automated trading on decentralised exchanges (DEXs). Learn more about algorithmic trading here.

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