Arbitrum One lending reserves

Browse 16 lending reserves on Arbitrum One blockchain.

Reserve Protocol TVL
Supply APR Borrow APR
Wrapped Ether WETH
Aave V3 $359.37M 2.06% 2.70% View reserve
Wrapped BTC WBTC
Aave V3 $275.98M 0.028% 0.56% View reserve
Wrapped eETH weETH
Aave V3 $264.40M 0.43% 3.94% View reserve
Aave V3 $260.21M 4.99% 7.44% View reserve
Wrapped liquid staked Ether 2.0 wstETH
Aave V3 $178.07M 0.092% 1.17% View reserve
Aave V3 $78.37M 6.15% 8.32% View reserve
ChainLink Token LINK
Aave V3 $26.30M 0.0062% 0.35% View reserve
Arbitrum ARB
Aave V3 $18.77M 0.65% 3.54% View reserve
USD Coin (Arb1) USDC.e
Aave V3 $12.75M 9.47% 19.60% View reserve
Rocket Pool ETH rETH
Aave V3 $12.33M 0.019% 0.59% View reserve
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