Sushi exchange on Avalanche

Name Sushi
Volume 30d $18.93M
Volume all-time $1.57B
Trading pairs 329
Tracked trading pairs 41
Launched Mar 2021
Type Uniswap v2 like
Blockchain Avalanche
Internal id 3404

Sushi is a decentralised exchange on Avalanche blockchain.

Sushi has 30 days trade volume of $18.93M and all-time volume of $1.57B. The first trade happened at Mon Mar 15 2021.

Sushi has 329 token trading pairs of which 41 are actively tracked by Trading Strategy.

The factory smart contract address for Sushi is 0xc35DADB65012eC5796536bD9864eD8773aBc74C4.

Trading Pairs

Not all trading pairs are being displayed or included in volume calculations. See inclusion criteria.