Unknown exchange on Binance Smart Chain

Name Unknown
Homepage Not available
Volume 30d $27.01M
Volume all-time $163.33M
Trading pairs 34
Tracked trading pairs 27
Launched Mar 2022
Type Uniswap v2 like
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Internal id 2756

Unknown is a decentralised exchange on Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

Unknown has 30 days trade volume of $27.01M and all-time volume of $163.33M. The first trade happened at Sun Mar 27 2022.

Unknown has 34 token trading pairs of which 27 are actively tracked by Trading Strategy.

The factory smart contract address for Unknown is 0x4d05D0045df5562D6D52937e93De6Ec1FECDAd21.

Trading Pairs

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