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  • Nomiswap Stable exchange on Binance Smart Chain

    Name Nomiswap Stable
    Volume 30d $126.11M
    Volume all-time $196.52M
    Trading pairs 3
    Tracked trading pairs 3
    Launched Sep 2022
    Type Uniswap v2 like
    Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
    Internal id 3671

    Nomiswap Stable is a decentralised exchange on Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

    Nomiswap Stable has 30 days trade volume of $126.11M and all-time volume of $196.52M. The first trade happened on Fri Sep 09 2022.

    Nomiswap Stable has 3 token trading pairs of which 3 are actively tracked by Trading Strategy.

    The factory smart contract address for Nomiswap Stable is

    Trading Pairs