Meer (bsc) (MEER)

Name Meer (bsc)
Token symbol MEER
Total Supply 4,450,000 MEER
Standard BEP-20
Available liquidity $3.10M
Volume 24h $92.81k
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Contract address 0xba5525…

Meer (bsc) is a BEP-20 token on Binance Smart Chain blockchain. It trades under MEER ticker.

Meer (bsc) token supply is 4,450,000 MEERs.

There are total 7 pairs trading against MEER.

The token smart contract address is 0xba552586ea573eaa3436f04027ff4effd0c0abbb.

The information on this page is for Binance Smart Chain. MEER presentations bridged and wrapped on other blockchains are not included in the figures.

Trading pairs

* Trading pairs with complications, like the lack of liquidity, might not be displayed. Read the rules for tracked trading pairs.