Ethereum lending reserves

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Reserve Symbol TVL
Supply APR Borrow APR
Wrapped liquid staked Ether 2.0
wstETH $3.54B 0.0013% 0.30% View reserve
Wrapped Ether
WETH $2.14B 1.48% 2.32% View reserve
Wrapped BTC
WBTC $1.88B 0.068% 0.87% View reserve
USD Coin
USDC $1.24B 8.26% 10.94% View reserve
Tether USD
USDT $960.46M 45.42% 52.40% View reserve
Rocket Pool ETH
rETH $146.55M 0.0040% 0.27% View reserve
ChainLink Token
LINK $141.31M 0.00036% 0.084% View reserve
Dai Stablecoin
DAI $132.00M 15.00% 21.50% View reserve
Aave Token
AAVE $98.44M 0.00% N/A View reserve
Savings Dai
sDAI $61.17M 0.00% N/A View reserve
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