Capital DAO Starter Token (CDS)

Name Capital DAO Starter Token
Token symbol CDS
Total Supply 8,932,899,650 CDS
Standard ERC-20
Available liquidity $939.90k
Volume 24h $626.12
Blockchain Ethereum
Contract address 0x3c48ca…

Capital DAO Starter Token is a ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain. It trades under CDS ticker.

Capital DAO Starter Token token supply is 8,932,899,650 CDSs.

There are total 1 pairs trading against CDS.

The token smart contract address is 0x3c48ca59bf2699e51d4974d4b6d284ae52076e5e.

The information on this page is for Ethereum. CDS presentations bridged and wrapped on other blockchains are not included in the figures.

Trading pairs

* Trading pairs with complications, like the lack of liquidity, might not be displayed. Read the rules for tracked trading pairs.