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    A look into the world's most comprehensive market data sets for decentralised markets

    As a trader or developer your focus is on developing a profitable strategy, not spending time sourcing, cleaning and standardising data for analysis and backtesting. It is vital for anyone looking to create an algorithmic trading strategy to have accurate and reliable market data.

    Trading Strategy possesses very comprehensive market data sets, possibly even the largest collection in the world, that gives you detailed insights into decentralised exchange (DEX) price, volume, liquidity and token data across multiple blockchains, enabling your access to fast, reliable and unified DEX market data.

    Packaged in the form of APIs, Trading Strategy’s market data sets offer access to on-chain trading activity. You can fetch live data feeds and historical trading data across various DEXs that have been standardised and converted into the familiar candle format for your ease of use. We are currently offering free access to our market data sets, available to use immediately.

    Data Delivery

    We index and format raw data from various different blockchains and DEXs to create unified market data sets for your personal or commercial use.

    List of DEX with available market data, taken from trading data page
    List of DEX with available market data, taken from trading data page

    We currently:

    Our Data

    Based on DEX trading data, you can do charting, technical analysis, find arbitrage opportunities, or otherwise analyse DEX markets. Use our APIs to get OHLCV data into your platform or device for a better, more accurate, data driven analysis or trading experience. Additionally, users will benefit from the advanced token and trading search function across exchanges on multiple blockchains. The data sets cover:

    • Collects raw on-chain market data sets for 1 million+ trading pairs directly from DEXs on multiple integrated blockchains
    • Converts raw data to the familiar OHLCV candles and XY liquidity format
    • Download historical OHLCV data for backtesting your trading algorithms. Liquidity information is available for calculating past slippage and price impact.
    • Real-time API for live market data
    • Precise data from all major decentralised exchanges with convenient access via a single API.
    • Historical market data available in parquet file format
    Example chart for ETH-USDC on Uniswap v2 found on
    Example chart for ETH-USDC on Uniswap v2 found on

    Our comprehensive market data sets allow you to look at various data points that have been sourced from decentralised markets exclusively. From our data sets you will have access to the following data points:

    • Blockchains
    • Decentralised exchanges
    • Trading pairs
    • OHLCV price data for candle charts
    • OHLC liquidity data for liquidity maps
    • Price
    • Volume
    • Timestamps
    • Smart contract addresses
    • Exchange rates
    • Token tax

    Use Cases

    Our market data sets are used to help a wide range of market participants within the decentralised ecosystem. Whether you need historical market data to execute your backtesting, leverage market data for you to provide accurate and reliable data to your customers, or for your own private algorithmic strategy development then Trading Strategy’s market data will be a good fit for you. Here are some use cases currently used by our clients:

    • Trading algorithms and bots
    • Technical analysis
    • Decentralised market data for your platform or website
    • Oracle data feeds
    • Blockchain research
    • Risk analysis
    • Systematic trading
    • Backtesting
    • Run experiments
    Ready to access comprehensive market data sets

    Ready to access comprehensive market data sets for decentralised markets?

    We offer customised managed services for market data where you will benefit from:

    • On-chain market data directly from the integrated blockchains
    • Many API keys included
    • Customer support with 24-hour response time during business days
    • Easy to integrate
    • Flexible payment plans

    About Trading Strategy

    Trading Strategy is an algorithmic trading protocol for decentralised markets, enabling automated trading directly on  blockchains. Learn more about Trading Strategy in the introduction post.

    Join Trading Strategy community Discord to discuss decentralised finance, technical analysis and algorithmic trading.