Trading Strategy at Timescale Live

Trading Strategy will present in Timescale Live on Thursday 21st April, 4 pm-5 pm UTC.

Mikko Ohtamaa will have a developer-focused presentation Capturing Web3/Crypto Data. You can watch this event in a live stream.

Timescale Live is live and always available virtual tech talks for developers building data-intensive applications. Attila Toth and Miranda Auhl from Timescale will participate in the discussion.

About Timescale

TimescaleDB provides the best possible experience when working with time-series data with the power and convenience of SQL. Built on PostgreSQL and proven for mission-critical workloads in the most demanding environments, TimescaleDB provides a familiar operational experience and works with any tool in the vibrant PostgreSQL ecosystem.

Timescale is used by likes of Apple, Tesla, and Walmart. Timescale recently raised $110M in its Series C funding round.

About Trading Strategy protocol

Trading Strategy is a new protocol for algorithmic and technical trading of cryptocurrencies on decentralised exchanges (DEXes).

Algorithmic trading is a derivative of technical analysis, taking trading positions programmatically based on data. Algorithmic trading is part of quantitative finance and provides a systematic approach to trading compared to methods based on trader intuition or instinct.

Trading Strategy offers free decentralised exchanges market data feeds across multiple blockchains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon.  Trading Strategy also offers a framework for building your own trading strategies and executing them. Today, you can backtest your trading strategies. Trade execution with live data is coming soon.

Trading Strategy is looking for quant finance and algorithmic strategy developers. If you want to work with the leading edge of quantitative finance please drop us an email and let's discuss.

For more information about Trading Strategy, read the announcement blog post.

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