Earn by making trading algorithms?

Hello Strategy Developers and Quants!

We are thrilled to announce some groundbreaking opportunities designed to elevate your approach to algorithmic trading and open up new, dynamic pathways in decentralised markets.

Embrace Python for Innovative Trading on DEX and DeFi Markets
It's a fantastic time to be a Python developer in the trading world. Trading Strategy protocol and Python, the leading quant language globally, offer an unparalleled opportunity to create automated algorithmic trading strategies for decentralised markets. Our protocol allows you to leverage Python's flexibility to develop various technical analysis-based and quantitative strategies that trade either a single trading pair, multiple pairs, or even entire portfolios of assets. Whether you're looking to explore new trading strategies or refine your established ones, our comprehensive backtesting tools are here to optimise your strategies effectively. Here you can find our brand new Getting Started Guide and example notebooks.

Strategy notebooks can be easily backtested with various datasets and optimised for your needs

Explore New Opportunities with Both Open and Proprietary Strategies
At Trading Strategy, you can engage in creating open strategies to share with the broader community or choose to maintain proprietary strategies for private use. Our protocol facilitates both avenues, allowing you to decide how publicly you wish to share your trading strategies. This gives you the freedom to either contribute to a community of traders and DeFi users, or focus solely on private trading activities without disclosing your strategy secrets. Additionally, for those creating open strategies, there is the potential to earn performance fees if your strategies prove profitable. Please note that such earnings are contingent on the actual performance of the strategies, highlighting the opportunity without guaranteeing outcomes.

Early User Rewards Program
We are in the planning phase of designing a potential early user reward program. This initiative aims to reward those who are actively using the open strategies available on TradingStrategy.ai, as well as developers who publish their strategies on the protocol. While the full details are still in the drawing table, getting involved already now could position you at the forefront of these potential rewards.

Join Us on This Thrilling Journey
We are on the cusp of a thrilling phase of growth, and your early involvement could not only propel your trading career but also influence the future of decentralised trading.

If you have any questions or are ready to dive into creating and optimising your trading strategies, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Send us a Telegram message or email us at [email protected]

Together, let's explore the vast possibilities that the Trading Strategy protocol offers on decentralised markets and work together to achieve groundbreaking success in trading innovation.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

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The Trading Strategy Team