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Top trades

Most profitable 24h

STV-USDT PancakeSwap v2
▲ 15.3%
OSAK-ETH Uniswap v2
▲ 8.6%
BANANA-ETH Uniswap v2
▲ 5.4%
BOT-USDT PancakeSwap v2
▲ 3.0%
PEPE-ETH Uniswap v2
▲ 3.0%

Worst performance 24h

UNIBOT-ETH Uniswap v2
▼ 11.8%
0X0-ETH Uniswap v2
▼ 11.0%
TRUNK-BUSD PancakeSwap v2
▼ 8.5%
MC-ETH Uniswap v2
▼ 7.1%
▼ 5.4%


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