We’ve Refreshed Our Brand!

Trading strategy brand refresh

You might have noticed that we recently gave our brand a face lift. We’re excited to unveil and showcase our new look to you!

Why change?

As we continue to mature as a company and develop our algorithmic trading protocol further, we need a clear brand identity to represent our company’s missions and values. At its core, Trading Strategy is a professional algorithmic trading protocol for investors, traders, strategy developers and quants to access the most advanced and modern financial markets. By giving our brand a refresh will align and help illustrate what we are building. We are very pleased to walk you through our new design below…

Comparison between our old logo (left) vs. new logo (right)

We wanted our new logo to reflect us being a modern technology company whilst maintaining a professional finance exterior. As you can see this is the result of our brand refresh.

What’s new?

  • Bolder brighter colours for a fresher look to emphasise the bullish green and bearish red.
  • Reduced candles within the logo to add a more simplistic feel and illustrate the friendly UX/UI found on our protocol.
  • Rounded edges for a softer look.
  • Bolder and more up to date fonts to match the innovation found in our product.
  • Lastly, a traditional and professional parchment background that acts as the foundation and represents values that we are built upon.

Website refresh

New feature: Light and dark mode on the homepage

Building on the logo updates, we’ve completed a significant refresh to our website. Where the logo and other brand elements represent identity, our website represents functionality – it’s where our users discover and interact with our platform. We believe the best products are useful (accomplish specific goals), usable (with ease and minimal frustration) and desirable (aesthetically pleasing). We made improvements across all three of these properties and continue to optimise on an ongoing basis.

You’ll notice the following site-wide enhancements:

  • Typography – we applied the same font used in our logo to headings and UI text, while increasing font sizes and spacing – resulting in improved legibility and a cleaner, more modern feel.
  • Layout – we moved from a responsive fixed-width layout to a flexible liquid-width layout and increased the max width from 1140px to 1324px – creating an optimal viewing experience from mobile devices up to HD displays and everything in-between.
  • Visuals – we implemented new icons and illustrations, providing more obvious visual cues and a more polished, professional appearance.
  • Dark-mode – a much-requested feature among our nocturnal user base, we’ve added support for dark-mode 🌚. This is currently enabled based on your device-level setting; we’ll add a colour-mode switcher soon to make this feature more discoverable.

In addition to these global changes, we’ve redesigned specific pages to take full advantage of our new design system. A couple quick highlights:

Newly designed About Us section
  • About us – we’ve updated the information about what we do, with new details about the Trading Strategy protocol. We’ve also added a partners section, highlighting some of the businesses we work with who are helping build the Trading Strategy ecosystem. If you are interested in becoming a partner get in touch with us at: [email protected]
  • Blog – our new blog layout makes it easier to view our articles and discover any thought leadership or insights you might find valuable. The blog article content now uses a highly legible serif font and a narrower layout, creating a more optimal and aesthetically pleasing reading experience.

What's next?

As we continue to roll out our designs across all of our material and website, we will be improving trading data pages with the same look and freshness, upgrading our advanced search page and optimising the new design throughout the next few weeks.

We would love to hear your feedback on our new brand refresh, join our Discord server here to chat with us.