Announcing Trading Strategy and 1delta Partnership

Trading Strategy is happy to announce that we have partnered with 1delta to enhance the capabilities between DeFi lending protocols and algorithmic trading for DeFi.

Trading Strategy and 1delta collaborate to advance algorithmic trading for decentralised markets by evolving the financial tooling capabilities for DeFi markets. The partnership will see the companies collaborating to improve lending and borrowing capabilities that can be achieved for algorithmic trading strategies. 

Trading Strategy uses the 1delta protocol for leveraged spot long and short positions. 1delta’s protocol allows easy building and unwinding of trading positions composed on the top of DEX and lending protocols. Initially, strategies can build positions on the top of DEX protocols like Uniswap and on lending protocols like Aave and Lendle. 

1delta home page offers a calculator showing how much you can save in trading fees when using 1delta and lending protocols instead of perpetual futures.

The 1delta margin trading protocol offers access to DeFi’s deep liquidity with the best execution and better rates compared e.g. to perpetual futures. Trading Strategy partners with 1delta for its solid infrastructure and smart contract basis with Aave. 1delta will benefit from the partnership by enabling Trading Strategy to automate trades from the Trading Strategy protocol, in doing so offering trading with less friction.

“Trading Strategy’s pioneering work with its non-custodial algo trading solution opens up a new segment for the 1delta protocol. ” - Kevin Schellinger, CEO & Co-founder - 1delta
“For traders, DeFi composability enables new opportunities for cost efficiency. 1delta makes this simple to understand and integrate. ” - Mikko Ohtamaa, CEO & Co-founder - Trading Strategy

Python API

To integrate with 1delta, Trading Strategy built an open-source Python SDK for 1delta protocol. The SDK is reusable across different traders looking to automate their trading. You can find the SDK documentation here.

1delta Python API is available in web3-ethereum-defi open source package maintained by Trading Strategy.

About Trading Strategy

Trading Strategy is a next-generation quantitative finance protocol for algorithmic and technical trading of cryptocurrencies on decentralised exchanges (DEX) and DeFi protocols. Decentralised automated trading strategies on the Trading Strategy protocol enable traders to access high-quality strategies and real-time control over their assets without needing the technical know-how or being bound by time inefficiencies of manually executing trading. As the first in the world, Trading Strategy unifies market connectivity, on-chain data, trading signals, backtesting, trade execution, and fund management and rewards quantitative finance experts in a single permissionless protocol.

About 1delta

1delta is a decentralised brokerage protocol that allows users to access DeFi’s liquidity from established DEX and lending protocols, offering best execution and advanced trading features like margin trading based on existing liquidity. 1delta’s objective is to bring a decentralised brokerage service (comparable to Interactive Brokers in CeFi) to EVMs, providing access to DeFi’s deep liquidity in a single protocol. operated by Trading Strategy Operations Ltd., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.