Trading Strategy partners with Enzyme to revolutionise on-chain asset management

Trading Strategy has partnered with Enzyme to bring sophisticated algorithmic trading to DeFi and to evolve on-chain asset management.

Enzyme users can now access sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies created by Trading Strategy’s expert quant and strategy creator community through the Enzyme app directly. For users looking to create their algorithmic trading strategies for DeFi, they will be able to create and backtest these Python-based strategies by using the Trading Strategy framework and protocol, whilst having the familiarity and trust of using Enzyme’s smart vaults.

The strategic partnership will provide DeFi users with access to professional and sophisticated financial tools. The two teams will collaborate from a technical and operational perspective, making DeFi more professional and accessible. 

Trading Strategy will utilise Enzyme’s smart on-chain vaults, which provide secure, transparent and trusted smart contracts. Enzyme users can interact with decentralised exchanges, protocols and execute trades on-chain. Enzyme’s on-chain vaults have a proven track record in the DeFi space, with over 1,300 live vaults and highs of $230M+ in assets under management. Trading Strategy users will benefit from enhanced security, better trade execution and more transparency through Enzyme’s smart vaults without needing the technical blockchain know-how or resources to safely execute trades automatically. This leaves more time to focus on developing better-performing trading strategies.

Mona El Isa, founder, Enzyme: 

“This partnership opens up a crucial piece of infrastructure for professional quants interested in digital assets. The combination of Enzyme’s asset management system and Trading Strategy’s quant framework opens up new possibilities to build and backtest on-chain DeFi strategies in a transparent, non-custodial and secure way. Making this accessible directly via the Enzyme app provides a simple and seamless user experience.” 

Mikko Ohtamaa, CEO & co-founder, Trading Strategy:

“Enzyme is one of the most mature DeFi protocols in the market, showing a real use case for public blockchains. By having robust Python-based trading automation support from Trading Strategy, Enzyme users can benefit from advanced systematic trading strategies and AI, besides discretionary management by asset managers.”

More information

If you are looking to bring your automated trading strategies to DeFi, Trading Strategy recorded a workshop session at Avalanche Summit: Porting PineScript-based trading strategies to DeFi. For technical Enzyme and Python integration, refer to eth_defi Python package API documentation. For any questions, join Trading Strategy Discord.

About Trading Strategy

Trading Strategy is a next-generation quantitative finance protocol for algorithmic and technical trading of cryptocurrencies on decentralised exchanges (DEX). Decentralised automated trading strategies on the Trading Strategy protocol enable traders to get direct access to high-quality strategies and real-time control over their assets, without needing the technical know-how or being bound by time inefficiencies of manually executing trading. As the first in the world, Trading Strategy unifies market connectivity, on-chain data, trading signals, backtesting, trade execution, fund management and rewards quantitative finance experts in a single permissionless protocol.

About Enzyme 

Enzyme is a decentralised on-chain asset management system that enables you to access crypto and DeFi from one simple, unified app. It provides a front-to-back execution and order management system that enables you to fully automate reporting, risk management, operational and administrative requirements. The system allows you to open up your strategy to outside investors in a non-custodial, secure and transparent way. operated by Trading Strategy Operations Ltd., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.