What Is EVM-compatible?

EVM compatible means that a blockchain uses the same EVM architecture as the original Ethereum mainnet and is its clone.

EVM compatible blockchains can use the existing smart contracts like ERC-20 unmodified. They can also blockchain explorers, wallets and such with little modifications. This has lead to born to Ethereum clone chains like Polygon, Avalanche C-Chain and BNB Chain.

For EVM-compatible chains

  • Same Solidity and Vyper smart contracts work

  • Same JSON-RPC API works

  • Same wallets work, assuming your wallet gives you an option to set up a node JSON-RPC URL to a different EVM chain

  • Same libraries like Web3.py and Web3.js, SDKs and development tools work

However, you might need

  • Run a blockchain node yourself

  • Get another node provider as there is no consistency of who is running, connecting and offering services to different peer-to-peer networks

For an example list of EVM-compatible blockchains see Trading Strategy’s supported blockchains.

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