What Is Pandas?

Pandas is a powerful and widely used open-source data analysis library in Python. It provides data structures and functions needed to work with structured data, such as tabular data in the form of tables or spreadsheets. With pandas, it’s easy to manipulate, clean, and analyse data, as well as perform complex operations such as grouping, merging, and aggregating data.

Pandas is designed to handle a variety of data types, including numerical, categorical, and time-series data. It also integrates well with other libraries, such as NumPy and Matplotlib, making it a popular choice for data analysis and visualisation in the scientific and research communities.

One of the key features of pandas is its DataFrame object, which is a two-dimensional labelled data structure with columns of different data types. With pandas, you can easily perform operations on the DataFrame such as filtering, sorting, and grouping data, as well as handling missing values and dealing with time-series data. More information.

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