Polygon lending reserves

Browse 34 lending reserves on Polygon blockchain.

Reserve Protocol TVL
Supply APR Borrow APR
(PoS) Wrapped BTC WBTC
Aave V3 $121.04M 0.020% 0.47% View reserve
Wrapped Ether WETH
Aave V3 $106.28M 0.46% 2.08% View reserve
Liquid Staking Matic (PoS) MaticX
Aave V3 $72.45M 0.00056% 0.27% View reserve
Wrapped Matic WMATIC
Aave V3 $58.44M 1.80% 3.87% View reserve
(PoS) Tether USD USDT
Aave V3 $38.62M 6.90% 8.82% View reserve
Aave V3 $34.31M 9.67% 11.87% View reserve
USD Coin (PoS) USDC.e
Aave V3 $33.67M 6.82% 9.97% View reserve
Staked MATIC (PoS) stMATIC
Aave V3 $31.07M 0.00% N/A View reserve
Wrapped liquid staked Ether 2.0 (PoS) wstETH
Aave V3 $27.55M 0.016% 0.57% View reserve
(PoS) Dai Stablecoin DAI
Aave V3 $18.33M 5.38% 8.49% View reserve
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