Live trading#

Different live trading models are supported

  • Single owner Ethereum hot wallet and private strategies

  • Multiple shareholders using Enzyme protocol vault, single Oracle and public strategies (coming soon)

  • Multiple strategy shareholders using Enzyme protocol, decentralised Oracle network and public strategies (coming soon)

Running modes#

Single oracle#

In a single oracle mode, there are

  • Single Trading Strategy oracle providing market data feeds through Market data client

  • There is one tradeeexecutor.cli command line process running the execution engine, usually executed using Docker

  • The strategy can be private or public, though because of a single oracle mode the oracle must be trusted

  • The execution engine can log to log files, Discord and LogStash

  • The execution engine can execute against a single owner Ethereum hot wallet (see tradeexecutor.ethereum.wallet or a vault

  • The execution engine detects incoming deposits and withdrawals (see tradeexecutor.ethereum.hot_wallet_sync)