Some common issues you might encounter and how to tackle them.

Resetting the API key#

You can reset the API key by deleting the config file:

rm ~/.tradingstrategy/settings.json

Resetting the download cache#

Downloaded files might get corrupted e.g. due to a partial download.

You can see a message like:

OSError: Could not open parquet input source '<Buffer>': Invalid: Parquet magic bytes not found in footer. Either the file is corrupted or this is not a parquet file.

To fix this issue, you can remove all files in the download cache.

rm -rf ~/.cache/tradingstrategy/

Apple macOS on M1 ARM CPUs#

Some dependencies, namely numpy are notorious difficult to install on new M1 CPU based Macs. Here are some instructions for Macs only:

Before running installer, make sure you use OpenBLAS correctly from Homebrew:

Running Jupyter notebooks with pdb based debuggers#

You can run the notebooks from console:

Then any pdb or ipdb breakpoints will work correctly.