Getting started#

Trading Strategy is a solution for algorithmic trading on decentralised markets:

  • To access DeFi market data, decentralised exchanges like lending protocols, in free APIs and batch download files

  • Develop trading strategies in Python using Trading Strategy framework, tailored for automated DeFi trading

  • Backtest trading stragies across hundreds of thousands of DEX trading pairs on protocols like Uniswap, Aave, PancakeSwap

  • Turn key solution to take your backtested strategy to live trading

  • Raise capital for your trading strategies by using vault protocol integrations like Enzyme Finance and Velvet Finance


If you are new to the Trading Strategy framework or algorithmic trading in general, please start by watching the recorded workshop tutorial session from Avalanche Summit.

Explore DeFi market data#

If you want to explore DeFi market data

Write your own trading strategies#

If you want to trade using algorithms on DeFi markets

Learn about Trading Strategy protocol#

See protocol section for more information about Trading Strategy protocol, its stakeholders and protocol components.

Learn about algorithmic trading#

See Learn algorithmic trading section for references to books and tutorials.

More questions?#

For any question, come to our community Discord.