API documentation for tradeexecutor.visual.bullbear.visualise_market_regime_filter Python function.

visualise_market_regime_filter(price, signal, title='Regime filter', height=800, colour_map={<Regime.bull: 1>: 'green', <Regime.bear: -1>: 'red'}, opacity=0.1)[source]#

Visualise a bull/bear market regime filter on the top of the price action chart.

  • Draw price

  • Under price colour regime filter regions. Bull regime green, bear regime read.

  • Crab market does not have colour

  • price_series – Price on an asset

  • signal (Series) –

    The market regime filter signal.

    See Regime

    +1 for bull 0 = crab -1 for bear

  • title – Chart title

  • price (Series) –


A chart with price action.

Sections that are in bull market are coloured green.

Sections that are in bear market are coloured red.

Crab market sections are blue.

Return type: