API documentation for tradingstrategy.charting.candle_chart.make_candle_labels Python function.

make_candle_labels(df, dollar_prices=True, base_token_name=None, quote_token_name=None, line_separator='<br>', candle_decimals=4)[source]#

Generate individual labels for OHLCV chart candles.

Used to display toolips on OHLCV chart.

Poram candle_df:

Candles for which we need tooltips.

Poram label_df:

A target dataframe

A column “label” is generated and it is populated for every index timestamp that does not have label yet.

  • dollar_prices – True if prices are in USD. Otherwise in the given quote token.

  • quote_token_name (Optional[str]) – Cryptocurrency as the quote token pair.

  • line_separator

    New line format.

    Plotly wants raw HTML.

  • df (DataFrame) –

  • base_token_name (Optional[str]) –

  • candle_decimals (int) –


Series of text label

Return type: