API documentation for tradeexecutor.testing.synthetic_pair_data.generate_pair Python function.

generate_pair(exchange, symbol0='OSMO', symbol1='ATOM', decimals0=18, decimals1=18, fee=0.0005, internal_id=201)[source]#

Generate a random pair.


Don’t use this function for multipair strategies with the same tokens since the addresses are randomly generated.

  • exchange (Exchange) – Exchange to use for the pair

  • symbol0 (str) – Symbol for the first token

  • symbol1 (str) – Symbol for the second token

  • decimals0 (int) – Decimals for the first token

  • decimals1 (int) – Decimals for the second token

  • fee (float) – Fee for the pair

  • internal_id – Internal ID for the pair

Return type: