API documentation for tradeexecutor.visual.strategy_state.draw_multi_pair_strategy_state Python function.

draw_multi_pair_strategy_state(state, universe, width=1024, height=2048, candle_count=64, start_at=None, end_at=None, technical_indicators=True, pair_ids=None, detached_indicators=True)[source]#

Draw mini price chart images for multiple pairs. Returns a single figure with multiple subplots.

See also

  • manual-visualisation-test.py

  • tradeeexecutor.strategy.pandas_runner.PandasTraderRunner.report_strategy_thinking().

  • state (State) – The strategy state

  • universe (TradingStrategyUniverse) – The trading strategy universe

  • width (Optional[int]) – The width of the image

  • height (Optional[int]) – The height of the image

  • candle_count (Optional[int]) – Draw N latest candles

  • start_at (Optional[datetime]) – Draw by a given time range

  • end_at (Optional[datetime]) – Draw by a given time range

  • technical_indicators (Optional[bool]) – Whether to draw technical indicators or not

  • pair_ids (Optional[list[int]]) – The pair ids to draw

  • detached_indicators (Optional[bool]) – Whether to draw detached technical indicators. This will be ignored if technical_indicators is False.


The strategy state visualisation as a single Plotly figure with multiple subplots

Return type: