API documentation for tradeexecutor.ethereum.execution.prepare_swaps Python function.

prepare_swaps(web3, hot_wallet, uniswap, ts, state, instructions, underflow_check=True)[source]#

Prepare multiple swaps to be breoadcasted parallel from the hot wallet.

  • underflow_check – Do we check we have enough cash in hand before trying to prepare trades. Note that because when executing sell orders first, we will have more cash in hand to make buys.

  • web3 (Web3) –

  • hot_wallet (HotWallet) –

  • uniswap (UniswapV2Deployment) –

  • ts (datetime) –

  • state (State) –

  • instructions (List[TradeExecution]) –


Token approvals we need to execute the trades

Return type:

Dict[HexAddress, int]