API documentation for tradeexecutor.strategy.trading_strategy_universe.translate_token Python function.

translate_token(token, require_decimals=True, underlying=None, type=AssetType.token, liquidation_threshold=None)[source]#

Translate Trading Strategy token data definition to trade executor.

Trading Strategy client uses compressed columnar data for pairs and tokens.

Creates AssetIdentifier based on data coming from Trading Strategy tradingstrategy.pair.PandasPairUniverse.

  • underlying (Optional[AssetIdentifier]) – Underlying asset for dynamic lending tokens.

  • require_decimals – Most tokens / trading pairs are non-functional without decimals information. Assume decimals is in place. If not then raise AssertionError. This check allows some early error catching on bad data.

  • type (tradeexecutor.state.identifier.AssetType | None) – What kind of asset this is.

  • liquidation_theshold – Aave liquidation threhold for this asset, only collateral type asset can have this.

  • token (Token) –

  • liquidation_threshold (Optional[float]) –

Return type: