Webhook server#

The webhook server allows web frontends to display the current status of a trade executor.

  • Open positions

  • Current profit and loss, performance

  • Logs and error conditions


Even if the trade-executor live trade loop dies, the web server stays up to provide the diagnostics information about the cause of the crash. See Checking if the trade executor loop has crashed how to monitor the trade execution crashes.

About the server#

  • The server is written in Pyramid web framework

  • The server API is specified as OpenAPI

  • The default port of the server is 3456

  • The server is safe to expose to public Internet, assuming the underlying strategy is public

State download#

  • A trade executor persits is state as a JSON blob

  • This JSON blob is described by tradeexecutor.state

  • The web frontend download the whole state as a single blob download from the webhook server