API documentation for tradeexecutor.ethereum.aave_v3.analysis.analyse_credit_trade_by_receipt Python function.

analyse_credit_trade_by_receipt(web3, *, aave_v3_deployment, tx, tx_hash, tx_receipt, input_args=None, trade_operation=TradeOperation.OPEN)[source]#

Analyse an Aave v3 credit supply trade.

Figure out

  • The success of the trade

  • tx_receipt (dict) – Transaction receipt

  • input_args (Optional[tuple]) –

    The swap input arguments.

    If not given automatically decode from tx. You need to pass this for Enzyme transactions, because transaction payload is too complex to decode.

  • web3 (Web3) –

  • aave_v3_deployment (AaveV3Deployment) –

  • tx (dict) –

  • tx_hash (str | bytes) –

  • trade_operation (TradeOperation) –


Trade result

Return type: |