Source code for tradeexecutor.cli.commands.reset

"""Reinitialise a strategy state.

import os
import shutil
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Optional

from eth_defi.hotwallet import HotWallet

from .app import app
from ..backup import backup_state
from ..bootstrap import prepare_executor_id, create_web3_config, create_sync_model, create_state_store
from ..log import setup_logging
from ...ethereum.enzyme.vault import EnzymeVaultSyncModel
from ...strategy.execution_model import AssetManagementMode
from . import shared_options

[docs]@app.command() def reset( id: str =, name: str =, strategy_file: Path = shared_options.strategy_file, state_file: Optional[Path] = shared_options.state_file, private_key: Optional[str] = shared_options.private_key, log_level: str = shared_options.log_level, asset_management_mode: AssetManagementMode = shared_options.asset_management_mode, vault_address: Optional[str] = shared_options.vault_address, vault_deployment_block_number: Optional[int] = shared_options.vault_deployment_block_number, json_rpc_binance: Optional[str] = shared_options.json_rpc_binance, json_rpc_polygon: Optional[str] = shared_options.json_rpc_polygon, json_rpc_avalanche: Optional[str] = shared_options.json_rpc_avalanche, json_rpc_ethereum: Optional[str] = shared_options.json_rpc_ethereum, json_rpc_arbitrum: Optional[str] = shared_options.json_rpc_arbitrum, json_rpc_anvil: Optional[str] = shared_options.json_rpc_anvil, ): """Reset the strategy state. Deletes all the state history of a state and starts tracking the strategy again. This command will start the internal ledger accounting from the scratch. All strategy live execution history is lost. """ global logger id = prepare_executor_id(id, strategy_file) logger = setup_logging(log_level) web3config = create_web3_config( gas_price_method=None, json_rpc_binance=json_rpc_binance, json_rpc_polygon=json_rpc_polygon, json_rpc_avalanche=json_rpc_avalanche, json_rpc_ethereum=json_rpc_ethereum, json_rpc_arbitrum=json_rpc_arbitrum, json_rpc_anvil=json_rpc_anvil, ) assert web3config, "No RPC endpoints given. A working JSON-RPC connection is needed for check-wallet" # Check that we are connected to the chain strategy assumes web3config.choose_single_chain() if private_key is not None: hot_wallet = HotWallet.from_private_key(private_key) else: hot_wallet = None web3 = web3config.get_default() sync_model = create_sync_model( asset_management_mode, web3, hot_wallet, vault_address, )"RPC details") # Check the chain is online" Chain id is {web3.eth.chain_id:,}")" Latest block is {web3.eth.block_number:,}") # Check balances"Balance details")" Hot wallet is %s", hot_wallet.address) vault_address = sync_model.get_vault_address() start_block = None if vault_address:" Vault is %s", vault_address) if vault_deployment_block_number: start_block = vault_deployment_block_number" Vault deployment block number is %d", start_block) if not state_file: state_file = f"state/{id}.json" store = backup_state(id, state_file) old_state = store.load() name = os.remove(store.path) state = store.create(name)"Resetting initial strategy chain state: %s", name)"Vault deployment block number hint is {start_block or 0:,}.") assert isinstance(sync_model, EnzymeVaultSyncModel), f"reinit currently only supports EnzymeVaultSyncModel, got {sync_model}" # Perform reconstruction of state sync_model.sync_reinit(state, start_block=start_block) store.sync(state) web3config.close() reserve_position = state.portfolio.get_default_reserve_position() asset, rate = state.portfolio.get_default_reserve_asset()"Reserve position is %s", reserve_position)"Balance is %s %s", reserve_position.get_quantity(), asset.token_symbol) assert reserve_position.quantity > 0, f"Reinitialisation did not see any deposits in vault: {sync_model.vault}, reserve position is {reserve_position}""All done: State deployment info is %s", state.sync.deployment)