Source code for tradeexecutor.cli.version_info

"""Read Docker version info.

Based on this idea:
import os
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Optional

from dataclasses_json import dataclass_json

[docs]@dataclass_json @dataclass class VersionInfo: """Reflect the version information embedded in the Docker image during CI build. See `Dockerimage` and `.githyb/workflows/tests.yml` for details. """ #: v50 tag: Optional[str] = None #: The latest commit message before was run commit_message: Optional[str] = None #: Git commit SHA hash commit_hash: Optional[str] = None def __repr__(self): return f"Trade-executor Docker version: {self.tag}\nCommit hash: {self.commit_hash}\nCommit message: {self.commit_message}"
[docs] @staticmethod def read_version_file(name: str) -> Optional[str]: """See Dockerfile""" if os.path.exists(name): with open(name, "rt") as inp: return return None
[docs] @staticmethod def read_docker_version() -> "VersionInfo": """Read version information burnt within Docker file-system during image building. :return: Populated version info or `None` for every field if it does not look like we are inside a Docker container. """ return VersionInfo( tag=VersionInfo.read_version_file("GIT_VERSION_TAG.txt"), commit_message=VersionInfo.read_version_file("GIT_COMMIT_MESSAGE.txt"), commit_hash=VersionInfo.read_version_file("GIT_VERSION_HASH.txt"), )