Source code for tradeexecutor.ethereum.enzyme.tx

"""Enzyme's vault transaction construction."""

import logging
from typing import List, Optional
from decimal import Decimal
import pickle

from web3.contract.contract import Contract, ContractFunction

from eth_defi.enzyme.vault import Vault
from eth_defi.enzyme.vault_controlled_wallet import VaultControlledWallet, EnzymeVaultTransaction
from eth_defi.gas import GasPriceSuggestion, apply_gas
from eth_defi.hotwallet import HotWallet

from eth_defi.tx import AssetDelta
from tradeexecutor.ethereum.tx import TransactionBuilder
from tradeexecutor.state.blockhain_transaction import BlockchainTransaction, BlockchainTransactionType, JSONAssetDelta
from tradeexecutor.state.pickle_over_json import encode_pickle_over_json
from tradeexecutor.state.types import Percent

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class EnzymeTransactionBuilder(TransactionBuilder): """Create transactions that are executed by Enzyme's vaults. Creates trackable transactions. TransactionHelper is initialised at the start of the each cycle. Transaction builder can prepare multiple transactions in one batch. For all tranactions, we use the previously prepared gas price information. """
[docs] def __init__(self, hot_wallet: HotWallet, vault: Vault, vault_slippage_tolerance: Percent = 0.98, ): """ :param hot_wallet: Hot wallet the trade-executor uses to sign the transactions :param vault: Enzyme vault high-level wrapper :param vault_slippage_tolerance: How much we drop the slippage tolerance for the vault specific slippage tolerance checks (vs. DEX checks) to avoid slippage tolerance failures because of rounding errors. Default to 200 BPS. Must always be more than trade slippage tolerance, or trades may fail when vault receives the assets. Cannot be disabled. Applies to :py:class:`eth_defi.tx.AssetDelta`. """ super().__init__(vault.web3) self.vault_controlled_wallet = VaultControlledWallet(vault, hot_wallet) assert vault_slippage_tolerance > 0 assert vault_slippage_tolerance <= 1, f"{vault_slippage_tolerance =}. Cannot expect more incoming assets than we trade." self.vault_slippage_tolerance = vault_slippage_tolerance
@property def vault(self) -> Vault: """Get the underlying web3 connection.""" return self.vault_controlled_wallet.vault @property def hot_wallet(self) -> HotWallet: """Get the underlying web3 connection.""" return self.vault_controlled_wallet.hot_wallet
[docs] def get_internal_slippage_tolerance(self) -> Percent | None: return self.vault_slippage_tolerance
[docs] def init(self): self.hot_wallet.sync_nonce(self.web3)
[docs] def get_token_delivery_address(self) -> str: """Get the target address for ERC-20 approve()""" assert self.vault.generic_adapter is not None, "GenericAdapter smart contract information for Enzyme vault has not been passed. Cannot make transactions." return self.vault.generic_adapter.address
[docs] def get_erc_20_balance_address(self) -> str: """Get the address that holds ERC-20 supply""" return self.vault.vault.address
[docs] def get_gas_wallet_address(self) -> str: """Get the address that holds native token for gas fees""" return self.hot_wallet.address
[docs] def get_gas_wallet_balance(self) -> Decimal: """Get the balance of the native currency (ETH, BNB, MATIC) of the wallet. Useful to check if you have enough cryptocurrency for the gas fees. """ return self.hot_wallet.get_native_currency_balance(self.web3)
[docs] def sign_transaction( self, contract: Contract, args_bound_func: ContractFunction, gas_limit: Optional[int] = None, gas_price_suggestion: Optional[GasPriceSuggestion] = None, asset_deltas: Optional[List[AssetDelta]] = None, notes: str = "", ) -> BlockchainTransaction: """Createa a signed tranaction and set up tx broadcast parameters. :param args_bound_func: Web3 function thingy :param gas_limit: Max gas per this transaction :param asset_deltas: Expected asset deltas (how much of incoming tokens we are going to give out and receive). Calculated in :py:meth:`tradeexecutor.ethereum.routing_model.EthereumRoutingModel.execute_trades_internal` :return: Prepared BlockchainTransaction instance """ assert isinstance(contract, Contract), f"Expected Contract, got {contract}" assert isinstance(args_bound_func, ContractFunction), f"Expected ContractFunction, got {args_bound_func}" assert asset_deltas is not None, f"{args_bound_func.fn_name}() - cannot make Enzyme trades without asset_deltas set. Set to asset_deltas=[] for approve()" if gas_limit is None: gas_limit = 2_500_000 def present(a): if type(a) == bytes: return "0x" + a.hex() return str(a)"Enzyme tx for %s.%s(%s), gas limit %d, deltas %s", contract.address, args_bound_func.fn_name, ", ".join([present(a) for a in args_bound_func.args]), gas_limit, asset_deltas) if self.vault_slippage_tolerance != 1: # Apply rounding reduction for expected incomign assets vault_asset_deltas = [d * self.vault_slippage_tolerance if d.is_incoming() else d for d in asset_deltas] else: vault_asset_deltas = asset_deltas"Vault slippage tolerance %f, new asset deltas %s", self.vault_slippage_tolerance, vault_asset_deltas) enzyme_tx = EnzymeVaultTransaction( contract, args_bound_func, gas_limit, asset_deltas=vault_asset_deltas, ) gas_price_suggestion = gas_price_suggestion or self.fetch_gas_price_suggestion() gas_data = gas_price_suggestion.get_tx_gas_params() signed_tx, execute_calls_bound_func = self.vault_controlled_wallet.sign_transaction_with_new_nonce(enzyme_tx, gas_data) signed_bytes = signed_tx.rawTransaction.hex() # Capture gas data for gas troublshooting tx_data = enzyme_tx.as_json_friendly_dict() tx_data.update(gas_data) return BlockchainTransaction( type=BlockchainTransactionType.enzyme_vault, chain_id=self.chain_id, from_address=self.hot_wallet.address, contract_address=self.vault.comptroller.address, function_selector=execute_calls_bound_func.fn_name, transaction_args=execute_calls_bound_func.args, args=execute_calls_bound_func.args, wrapped_args=args_bound_func.arguments, wrapped_function_selector=args_bound_func.fn_name, signed_bytes=signed_bytes, signed_tx_object=encode_pickle_over_json(signed_tx), tx_hash=signed_tx.hash.hex(), nonce=signed_tx.nonce, details=tx_data, asset_deltas=[JSONAssetDelta.from_asset_delta(a) for a in vault_asset_deltas], other={"vault_slippage_tolerance": self.vault_slippage_tolerance}, notes=notes, )