Source code for tradeexecutor.ethereum.enzyme.vault

"""Enzyme vaults integration."""

import logging
import datetime
import pprint
from _decimal import Decimal
from functools import partial
from types import NoneType
from typing import cast, List, Optional, Tuple, Iterable

from eth_defi.event_reader.conversion import convert_jsonrpc_value_to_int
from web3.types import BlockIdentifier

from eth_defi.provider.broken_provider import get_block_tip_latency, get_almost_latest_block_number
from web3 import Web3, HTTPProvider

from eth_defi.chain import fetch_block_timestamp, has_graphql_support
from import fetch_vault_balance_events, EnzymeBalanceEvent, Deposit, Redemption, fetch_vault_balances
from eth_defi.enzyme.vault import Vault
from eth_defi.event_reader.lazy_timestamp_reader import extract_timestamps_json_rpc_lazy, LazyTimestampContainer
from eth_defi.event_reader.reader import read_events, Web3EventReader, extract_events, extract_timestamps_json_rpc
from eth_defi.event_reader.reorganisation_monitor import ReorganisationMonitor
from eth_defi.hotwallet import HotWallet

from tradeexecutor.ethereum.enzyme.tx import EnzymeTransactionBuilder
from tradeexecutor.ethereum.onchain_balance import fetch_address_balances
from tradeexecutor.ethereum.token import translate_token_details
from tradeexecutor.state.portfolio import Portfolio

from tradeexecutor.state.identifier import AssetIdentifier
from tradeexecutor.state.position import TradingPosition
from tradeexecutor.state.reserve import ReservePosition
from tradeexecutor.state.state import State
from tradeexecutor.state.balance_update import BalanceUpdate, BalanceUpdateCause, BalanceUpdatePositionType
from tradeexecutor.state.sync import BalanceEventRef
from tradeexecutor.state.types import BlockNumber
from tradeexecutor.strategy.account_correction import check_accounts
from tradeexecutor.strategy.sync_model import SyncModel, OnChainBalance
from tradingstrategy.chain import ChainId

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class UnknownAsset(Exception):
    """Cannot map redemption asset to any known position"""

class RedemptionFailure(Exception):
    """Cannot map redemption asset to any known position"""

[docs]class EnzymeVaultSyncModel(SyncModel): """Update Enzyme vault balances."""
[docs] def __init__(self, web3: Web3, vault_address: str, reorg_mon: ReorganisationMonitor, only_chain_listener=True, hot_wallet: Optional[HotWallet] = None, generic_adapter_address: Optional[str] = None, vault_payment_forwarder_address: Optional[str] = None, scan_chunk_size=10_000, ): """ :param web3: Web3 :param vault_address: The address of the vault :param reorg_mon: How to deal with block updates :param only_chain_listerer: This is the only adapter using reorg_mon. Will call :py:meth:`process_blocks` as the part :py:meth:`sync_treasury`. :param hot_wallet: Trade executor's hot wallet used to create transactions. Only needed when doing trades. :param generic_adapter_address: The vault specific deployed GenericAdapter smart contract. Needed to make trades. :param scan_chunk_size: Ethereum eth_getLogs JSON-RPC workaround for a horrible blockchain APIs. """ assert vault_address is not None, "Vault address is not given" self.web3 = web3 self.reorg_mon = reorg_mon try: self.vault = Vault.fetch( web3, vault_address, generic_adapter_address, payment_forwarder=vault_payment_forwarder_address, ) except Exception as e: raise RuntimeError(f"Could not fetch Enzyme vault data for {vault_address}") from e self.scan_chunk_size = scan_chunk_size self.only_chain_listener = only_chain_listener self.hot_wallet = hot_wallet
def __repr__(self): return f"<EnzymeVaultSyncModel for vault {self.vault.address} using hot wallet {self.hot_wallet.address if self.hot_wallet else '(not set)'}>"
[docs] def resync_nonce(self): self.hot_wallet.sync_nonce(self.web3)
[docs] def get_vault_address(self) -> Optional[str]: """Get the vault address we are using""" return self.vault.address
[docs] def get_hot_wallet(self) -> Optional[HotWallet]: return self.hot_wallet
[docs] def get_token_storage_address(self) -> Optional[str]: return self.get_vault_address()
[docs] def is_ready_for_live_trading(self, state: State) -> bool: """Have we run init command on the vault.""" return state.sync.deployment.block_number is not None
def _notify( self, current_block: int, start_block: int, end_block: int, chunk_size: int, total_events: int, last_timestamp: int, context, ): """Log notifier used in Enzyme event reading""" # Because the code is only run once ever, # we show the progress by printing if end_block - start_block > 0: done = (current_block - start_block) / (end_block - start_block)"EnzymeVaultSyncMode: Scanning blocks {current_block:,} - {current_block + chunk_size:,}, done {done * 100:.1f}%")
[docs] def process_blocks(self) -> Tuple[int, int]: """Process the reorgsanisation monitor blocks. :raise ChainReorganisationDetected: When any if the block data in our internal buffer does not match those provided by events. :return: Range to scan for the events """ range_start = self.reorg_mon.last_block_read reorg_resolution = self.reorg_mon.update_chain() range_end = self.reorg_mon.last_block_read return reorg_resolution.get_read_range()
[docs] def fetch_vault_reserve_asset(self) -> AssetIdentifier: """Read the reserve asset from the vault data.""" token = self.vault.denomination_token address = token.address assert type(address) == str return translate_token_details(token)
[docs] def process_deposit(self, portfolio: Portfolio, event: Deposit, strategy_cycle_ts: datetime.datetime) -> BalanceUpdate: """Translate Enzyme SharesBought event to our internal deposit storage format.""" asset = translate_token_details(event.denomination_token) if len(portfolio.reserves) == 0: # Initial deposit portfolio.initialise_reserves(asset) else: reserve_asset, reserve_price = portfolio.get_default_reserve_asset() assert asset == reserve_asset reserve_position = portfolio.get_reserve_position(asset) old_balance = reserve_position.quantity exchange_rate = self.vault.fetch_denomination_token_usd_exchange_rate() reserve_position.reserve_token_price = float(exchange_rate) reserve_position.last_pricing_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() reserve_position.last_sync_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() reserve_position.quantity += event.investment_amount usd_value = float(exchange_rate) * float(event.investment_amount) event_id = portfolio.next_balance_update_id portfolio.next_balance_update_id += 1 assert event.timestamp is not None, f"Timestamp cannot be none: {event}" evt = BalanceUpdate( balance_update_id=event_id, position_type=BalanceUpdatePositionType.reserve, cause=BalanceUpdateCause.deposit, asset=asset, block_mined_at=event.timestamp, strategy_cycle_included_at=strategy_cycle_ts, chain_id=asset.chain_id, old_balance=old_balance, usd_value=usd_value, quantity=event.investment_amount, owner_address=event.receiver, tx_hash=event.event_data["transactionHash"], log_index=event.event_data["logIndex"], position_id=None, block_number=convert_jsonrpc_value_to_int(event.event_data["blockNumber"]), ) reserve_position.add_balance_update_event(evt) return evt
[docs] def process_redemption(self, portfolio: Portfolio, event: Redemption, strategy_cycle_ts: datetime.datetime) -> List[BalanceUpdate]: """Translate Enzyme SharesBought event to our internal deposit storage format. In-kind redemption exchanges user share tokens to underlying assets. - User gets whatever strategy reserves there is - User gets share of whatever spot positions there are currently open """ events = [] for token_details, raw_amount in event.redeemed_assets: if raw_amount == 0: # Enzyme reports zero redemptions for some reason? # enzyme-polygon-matic-usdc | <USD Coin (PoS) (USDC) at 0x2791Bca1f2de4661ED88A30C99A7a9449Aa84174, 6 decimals, on chain 137>: 999324 # enzyme-polygon-matic-usdc | <Wrapped Matic (WMATIC) at 0x0d500B1d8E8eF31E21C99d1Db9A6444d3ADf1270, 18 decimals, on chain 137>: 0 continue asset = translate_token_details(token_details) try: position = self.get_related_position(portfolio, asset) except UnknownAsset as e: # Something has gone wrong in accounting, as we cannot match the redeemed asset to any open position. # This is very tricky situation to figure out, so we be verbose with error messages. open_positions = "\n".join([str(p) for p in portfolio.get_open_positions()]) assets_msg = "\n".join([f"{r}: {amount}" for r, amount in event.redeemed_assets]) msg = f"Redemption failure because redeemed asset does not match our internal accounting.\n" \ f"Do not know how to recover. You need to stop trade-executor and run accounting correction.\n" \ f"Could not process redemption event.\n" \ f"Redeemed assets:\n" \ f"{assets_msg}\n" \ f"EVM event data:\n" \ f"{_dump_enzyme_event(event)}\n" \ f"Open positions currently in the state:\n" \ f"{open_positions or '-'}" raise RedemptionFailure(msg) from e quantity = asset.convert_to_decimal(raw_amount) assert quantity > 0 # Sign flipped later event_id = portfolio.next_balance_update_id portfolio.next_balance_update_id += 1 if isinstance(position, ReservePosition): position_id = None old_balance = position.quantity position.quantity -= quantity position_type = BalanceUpdatePositionType.reserve # TODO: USD stablecoin hardcoded to 1:1 with USD usd_value = float(quantity) elif isinstance(position, TradingPosition): position_id = position.position_id old_balance = position.get_quantity() position_type = BalanceUpdatePositionType.open_position usd_value = position.calculate_quantity_usd_value(quantity) else: raise NotImplementedError() assert old_balance - quantity >= 0, f"Position went to negative: {position} with token {token_details} and amount {raw_amount}\n" \ f"Quantity: {quantity}, old balance: {old_balance}" assert event.timestamp is not None, f"Timestamp cannot be none: {event}" evt = BalanceUpdate( balance_update_id=event_id, cause=BalanceUpdateCause.redemption, position_type=position_type, asset=asset, block_mined_at=event.timestamp, strategy_cycle_included_at=strategy_cycle_ts, chain_id=asset.chain_id, quantity=-quantity, old_balance=old_balance, owner_address=event.redeemer, tx_hash=event.event_data["transactionHash"], log_index=event.event_data["logIndex"], position_id=position_id, usd_value=usd_value, block_number=convert_jsonrpc_value_to_int(event.event_data["blockNumber"]), ) position.add_balance_update_event(evt) events.append(evt) return events
[docs] def translate_and_apply_event(self, state: State, event: EnzymeBalanceEvent, strategy_cycle_ts: datetime.datetime) -> List[BalanceUpdate]: """Translate on-chain event data to our persistent format.""" portfolio = state.portfolio match event: case Deposit(): # Deposit generated only one event event = cast(Deposit, event)"Processing Enzyme deposit %s", event.event_data) return [self.process_deposit(portfolio, event, strategy_cycle_ts)] case Redemption(): # Enzyme in-kind redemption can generate updates for multiple assets event = cast(Redemption, event)"Processing Enzyme redemption %s", event.event_data) # Sanity check: Make sure there has not been redemptions from the vault before the strategy was initialised. # Make sure we do not get events that are from the time before # the state was initialised first_allowed_ts = state.sync.deployment.initialised_at if first_allowed_ts is not None: assert event.timestamp > first_allowed_ts, f"Vault has a redemption from the time before trade execution was initialised\n" \ f"Initialised at: {state.sync.deployment.initialised_at}\n" \ f"Event:\n" \ f"{_dump_enzyme_event(event)}" \ return self.process_redemption(portfolio, event, strategy_cycle_ts) case _: raise RuntimeError(f"Unsupported event: {event}")
[docs] def sync_initial(self, state: State, allow_override=False, **kwargs): """Get the deployment event by scanning the whole chain from the start. Updates `state.sync.deployment` structure. .. note:: You need to give `start_block` hint of the scanning will take too long because Ethereum design flaws. Example: .. code-block:: python sync_model.sync_initial(state, start_block=35_123_123) """ sync = state.sync if not allow_override: assert not sync.is_initialised(), "Initialisation twice is not allowed" web3 = self.web3 deployment = state.sync.deployment # Set up the reader interface for fetch_deployment_event() # extract_timestamp is disabled to speed up the event reading, # we handle it separately reader: Web3EventReader = cast( Web3EventReader, partial(read_events, notify=self._notify, chunk_size=self.scan_chunk_size, extract_timestamps=None) ) start_block = kwargs.get("start_block") if not start_block: start_block = 1"Starting event scan at the block %d, chunk size is %d", start_block, self.scan_chunk_size) deployment_event = self.vault.fetch_deployment_event(reader=reader, start_block=start_block) # Check that we got good event data block_number = deployment_event["blockNumber"] block_hash = deployment_event["blockHash"] tx_hash = deployment_event["transactionHash"] assert block_number > 1 # Get the block info to get the timestamp for the event block_data = extract_timestamps_json_rpc(web3, block_number, block_number) timestamp_unix = block_data[block_hash] timestamp_dt = datetime.datetime.utcfromtimestamp(timestamp_unix) deployment.address = self.vault.vault.address deployment.block_number = block_number deployment.tx_hash = tx_hash deployment.block_mined_at = timestamp_dt deployment.vault_token_name = self.vault.get_name() deployment.vault_token_symbol = self.vault.get_symbol() deployment.chain_id = ChainId(web3.eth.chain_id) deployment.initialised_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
[docs] def fetch_onchain_balances( self, assets: List[AssetIdentifier], filter_zero=True, block_identifier: BlockIdentifier = None, ) -> Iterable[OnChainBalance]: sorted_assets = sorted(assets, key=lambda a: a.address) # Latest block fails on if block_identifier is None: block_identifier = get_almost_latest_block_number(self.web3) return fetch_address_balances( self.web3, self.get_vault_address(), sorted_assets, block_number=block_identifier, filter_zero=filter_zero, )
[docs] def create_event_reader(self) -> Tuple[Web3EventReader, bool]: """Create event reader for vault deposit/redemption events. Set up the reader interface for fetch_deployment_event() extract_timestamp is disabled to speed up the event reading, we handle it separately :return: Tuple (event reader, quick node workarounds). """ # TODO: make this a configuration option provider = cast(HTTPProvider, self.web3.provider) if has_graphql_support(provider):"Using /graqpql based reader for vault events") # GoEthereum with /graphql enabled reader: Web3EventReader = cast( Web3EventReader, partial(read_events, notify=self._notify, chunk_size=self.scan_chunk_size, reorg_mon=self.reorg_mon, extract_timestamps=None) ) broken_quicknode = False else: # Fall back to lazy load event timestamps, # all commercial SaaS nodes # QuickNode is crap # We do not explicitly detect QuickNode, but we are getting # equests.exceptions.HTTPError: 413 Client Error: Request Entity Too Large for url: chunk_size = 1000"Using lazy timestamp loading reader for vault events") lazy_timestamp_container: LazyTimestampContainer = None def wrapper(web3, start_block, end_block): nonlocal lazy_timestamp_container lazy_timestamp_container = extract_timestamps_json_rpc_lazy(web3, start_block, end_block) return lazy_timestamp_container"Using lazy timestamp loading reader for vault events") reader: Web3EventReader = cast( Web3EventReader, partial(read_events, notify=self._notify, chunk_size=chunk_size, reorg_mon=None, extract_timestamps=wrapper)) if lazy_timestamp_container:"Made %d eth_getBlockByNumber API calls", lazy_timestamp_container.api_call_counter) else:"Event reader not called") broken_quicknode = True return reader, broken_quicknode
[docs] def sync_treasury(self, strategy_cycle_ts: datetime.datetime, state: State, supported_reserves: Optional[List[AssetIdentifier]] = None, end_block: BlockNumber | NoneType = None, ) -> List[BalanceUpdate]: web3 = self.web3 sync = state.sync assert sync.is_initialised(), f"Vault sync not initialised: {sync}\nPlease run trade-executor init command" vault = self.vault treasury_sync = sync.treasury if treasury_sync.last_block_scanned: start_block = treasury_sync.last_block_scanned + 1 else: start_block = sync.deployment.block_number web3 = self.web3 if not end_block: # Legacy end_block = get_almost_latest_block_number(web3) last_block = web3.eth.block_number"Starting treasury sync for vault {self.vault.address}, comptroller {self.vault.comptroller.address}, looking block range {start_block:,} - {end_block:,}, last block is {last_block:,}") reader, broken_quicknode = self.create_event_reader() # Feed block headers for the listeners # to get the timestamps of the blocks if self.only_chain_listener and not broken_quicknode: skip_to_block = treasury_sync.last_block_scanned or sync.deployment.block_number known_block_count = len(self.reorg_mon.block_map) if not known_block_count:"Loading initial block data, skipping reorg mon to to block %s, reorg mon has %d entries", skip_to_block, known_block_count) range_start = max(skip_to_block - self.reorg_mon.check_depth, 1) self.reorg_mon.load_initial_block_headers(start_block=range_start) range_end = self.reorg_mon.last_block_read else:"Loading more block data, reorg mon has %d entries", known_block_count) range_start, range_end = self.process_blocks()"Reorg mon has %d block headers", len(self.reorg_mon.block_map)) treasury_sync.last_block_scanned = range_end else: range_start = start_block range_end = end_block events_iter = fetch_vault_balance_events( vault, start_block=range_start, end_block=range_end, read_events=reader, ) events = [] for chain_event in events_iter: events += self.translate_and_apply_event(state, chain_event, strategy_cycle_ts) for e in events:"Processed Enzyme balance update event %s", e) # Check that we do not have conflicting events new_event: BalanceUpdate for new_event in events: ref = BalanceEventRef( balance_event_id=new_event.balance_update_id, strategy_cycle_included_at=new_event.strategy_cycle_included_at, cause=new_event.cause, position_type=new_event.position_type, position_id=new_event.position_id, usd_value=new_event.usd_value, ) treasury_sync.balance_update_refs.append(ref) treasury_sync.last_block_scanned = end_block treasury_sync.last_updated_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() treasury_sync.last_cycle_at = strategy_cycle_ts # Update the reserve position value # TODO: Add USDC/USD price feed # state.portfolio.get_default_reserve_position().update_value(exchange_rate=1.0)"Enzyme treasury sync done, the last block is now {treasury_sync.last_block_scanned:,}, found {len(events)} events") return events
[docs] def sync_reinit(self, state: State, allow_override=False, **kwargs): """Reinitiliase the vault. Fixes broken accounting. Only needs to be used if internal state and blockchain state have somehow managed to get out of sync: internal state has closed positions that are not in blockchain state or vice versa. - Makes any token balances in the internal state to match the blockchain state. - Assumes all positions are closed (currently artificial limitation). - All position history is deleted, because we do not know whether positions closed for profit or loss. See :py:mod:`tradeexexcutor.cli.commands.reinit` for details. .. note:: Currently quite a test code. Make support all positions, different sync models. :param state: Empty state :param allow_override: Allow init twice. :param kwargs: Initial sync hints. Passed to :py:meth:`sync_initial`. """ # First set the vault creation date etc. self.sync_initial(state, allow_override=allow_override, **kwargs) # Then proceed to construct the balacnes from the EVM state web3 = self.web3 vault = self.vault sync = state.sync portfolio = state.portfolio treasury_sync = sync.treasury current_block = web3.eth.block_number timestamp = fetch_block_timestamp(web3, current_block) # Get all non-zero balances from Enzyme balances = [b for b in fetch_vault_balances(vault, block_identifier=current_block) if b.balance > 0] assert len(balances) == 1, f"reinit cannot be done if the vault has positions other than reserve currencies, got {balances}" reserve_current_balance = balances[0]"Found on-chain balance %s at block %s", reserve_current_balance, current_block) asset = translate_token_details(reserve_current_balance.token) assert len(portfolio.reserves) == 0 # Initial deposit portfolio.initialise_reserves(asset) reserve_position = portfolio.get_reserve_position(asset) reserve_position.reserve_token_price = float(1) reserve_position.last_pricing_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() reserve_position.last_sync_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() reserve_position.quantity = reserve_current_balance.balance # TODO: Assume USD stablecoins are 1:1 USD usd_value = float(reserve_position.quantity) event_id = portfolio.next_balance_update_id portfolio.next_balance_update_id += 1 master_event = BalanceUpdate( balance_update_id=event_id, position_type=BalanceUpdatePositionType.reserve, cause=BalanceUpdateCause.deposit, asset=asset, block_mined_at=timestamp, strategy_cycle_included_at=timestamp, chain_id=asset.chain_id, old_balance=Decimal(0), quantity=reserve_current_balance.balance, owner_address=None, tx_hash=None, log_index=None, position_id=None, usd_value=usd_value, notes=f"reinit() at block {current_block}" ) reserve_position.add_balance_update_event(master_event) events = [master_event] # Check that we do not have conflicting events new_event: BalanceUpdate for new_event in events: ref = BalanceEventRef( balance_event_id=new_event.balance_update_id, strategy_cycle_included_at=new_event.strategy_cycle_included_at, cause=new_event.cause, position_type=new_event.position_type, position_id=new_event.position_id, usd_value=new_event.usd_value, ) treasury_sync.balance_update_refs.append(ref) treasury_sync.last_block_scanned = current_block treasury_sync.last_updated_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() treasury_sync.last_cycle_at = None
[docs] def create_transaction_builder(self) -> EnzymeTransactionBuilder: assert self.hot_wallet, "HotWallet not set - cannot create transaction builder" return EnzymeTransactionBuilder(self.hot_wallet, self.vault)
[docs] def check_ownership(self): """Check that the hot wallet has the correct ownership rights to make trades through the vault. Hot wallet must be registered either as - Vault owner - Vault asset manager :raise AssertionError: If the hot wallet cannot perform trades for the vault """ # TODO: Move this check internal on EnzymeVaultSyncModel hot_wallet = self.get_hot_wallet() vault = self.vault owner = vault.vault.functions.getOwner().call() if owner != hot_wallet.address: assert vault.vault.functions.isAssetManager(hot_wallet.address).call(), f"Address is not set up as Enzyme asset manager: {hot_wallet.address}"
[docs] def reset_deposits(self, state: State): """Clear out pending withdrawals/deposits events.""" web3 = self.web3 current_block = web3.eth.block_number # Skip all deposit/redemption events between the last scanned block and now sync = state.sync treasury_sync = sync.treasury treasury_sync.last_block_scanned = current_block treasury_sync.last_updated_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() treasury_sync.last_cycle_at = None
def _dump_enzyme_event(e: EnzymeBalanceEvent) -> str: """Format enzyme events in the error / log output.""" # Dump internal JSON-RPC JSON return pprint.pformat(e.event_data, indent=2)