Source code for tradeexecutor.ethereum.token

"""ERC-20 token data helpers."""

from web3 import Web3

from eth_defi.token import TokenDetails, fetch_erc20_details
from tradeexecutor.state.identifier import AssetIdentifier

[docs]def fetch_token_as_asset(web3: Web3, contract_address: str) -> AssetIdentifier: """Get ERC-20 token details suitable for persistent stroage. :param contract_address: Address of an ERC-20 contract :return: Asset identifier that can be use with persistent storage. """ token = fetch_erc20_details(web3, contract_address) return translate_token_details(token)
[docs]def translate_token_details(token: TokenDetails) -> AssetIdentifier: """Translate on-chain fetched ERC-20 details to the persistent format. :param token: On-chain token data :return: Persistent asset identifier """ web3 = token.contract.w3 return AssetIdentifier( chain_id=web3.eth.chain_id, address=token.address, token_symbol=token.symbol, decimals=token.decimals, internal_id=None, info_url=None, )