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"""Maanually repair broken states.

- Recover from failed trades

Trade failure modes may include

- Broadcasted but not confirmed

- Broadcasted, confirmed, but not marked as executed

- Executed, failed

Failure trades may be

- Buy e.g. first trade failed: open position -> closed position, allocated capital returned

- Sell e.g. closing trade failed: position stays open, the assets are marked to be available
  for the future sell

import datetime
import logging
from dataclasses import dataclass
from decimal import Decimal
from itertools import chain
from typing import List, TypedDict

from tradeexecutor.state.portfolio import Portfolio
from tradeexecutor.state.position import TradingPosition
from tradeexecutor.state.state import State
from import TradeExecution, TradeType, TradeStatus

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class RepairAborted(Exception):
    """User chose no"""

[docs]@dataclass(slots=True) class RepairResult: """The report of the repair results. Note that repair might not have done anything - every list is empty. """ #: How many frozen positions we encountered frozen_positions: List[TradingPosition] #: What positions we managed to unfreeze unfrozen_positions: List[TradingPosition] #: How many individual trades we repaired trades_needing_repair: List[TradeExecution] #: New trades we made to fix the accounting new_trades: List[TradeExecution]
[docs]def make_counter_trade(portfolio: Portfolio, p: TradingPosition, t: TradeExecution) -> TradeExecution: """Make a virtual trade that fixes the total balances of a position and unwinds the broken trade.""" # Note: we do not negate the values of the original trade, # because get_quantity() and others will return 0 to repaired spot trades for now. # This behavior may change in the future for more complex trades. position, counter_trade, created = portfolio.create_trade( strategy_cycle_at=t.strategy_cycle_at, pair=t.pair, quantity=-t.planned_quantity, assumed_price=t.planned_price,, reserve_currency=t.reserve_currency, planned_mid_price=t.planned_mid_price, price_structure=t.price_structure, reserve=None, reserve_currency_price=t.get_reserve_currency_exchange_rate(), position=p, ) counter_trade.started_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() assert created is False assert position == p counter_trade.mark_success( datetime.datetime.utcnow(), t.planned_price, Decimal(0), Decimal(0), 0, t.native_token_price, force=True, ) assert counter_trade.is_success() assert counter_trade.get_value() == 0 assert counter_trade.get_position_quantity() == 0 assert counter_trade.trade_type == return counter_trade
[docs]def repair_trade(portfolio: Portfolio, t: TradeExecution) -> TradeExecution: """Repair a trade. - Make a counter trade for bookkeeping - Set the original trade to repaired state (instead of failed state) """ p = portfolio.get_position_by_id(t.position_id) c = make_counter_trade(portfolio, p, t) now = datetime.datetime.utcnow() t.repaired_at = t.executed_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() t.executed_quantity = 0 t.executed_reserve = 0 assert c.trade_id c.repaired_trade_id = t.trade_id t.add_note(f"Repaired at {now.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')}, by #{c.trade_id}") c.add_note(f"Repairing trade #{c.repaired_trade_id}") assert t.get_status() == TradeStatus.repaired assert t.get_value() == 0 assert t.get_position_quantity() == 0 assert t.planned_quantity != 0 # Unwind capital allocation if t.is_buy(): portfolio.adjust_reserves( t.reserve_currency, +t.planned_reserve, f"Repairing position {p}", ) t.planned_reserve = 0 return c
[docs]def close_position_with_empty_trade(portfolio: Portfolio, p: TradingPosition) -> TradeExecution: """Make a trade that closes the position. - Closes an open position that has lost it tokens, in accounting correction - This trade has size of 0 and pricing data from the opening trade - :py:attr:`TradeExecution.repaired_trade_id` is set for this trade to be the opening trade - We assume closed positions must have at least 2 trades, so this function will generate the final trade and now the position has at least opening trade + this trade (TODO: This assumption should be changed) """ assert p.pair.is_spot(), f"Only spot supported for now" opening_trade = p.get_first_trade() assert opening_trade.is_success(), f"Cannot make a repairingn trade, because opening trade {t} was not success" # We copy any price structure from opening trade, though it should be meaningfull position, counter_trade, created = portfolio.create_trade( strategy_cycle_at=opening_trade.strategy_cycle_at, pair=p.pair, quantity=Decimal(0), assumed_price=opening_trade.planned_price,, reserve_currency=opening_trade.reserve_currency, planned_mid_price=opening_trade.planned_mid_price, price_structure=opening_trade.price_structure, reserve=None, reserve_currency_price=opening_trade.get_reserve_currency_exchange_rate(), position=p, ) counter_trade.started_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() assert created is False assert position == p counter_trade.mark_success( datetime.datetime.utcnow(), opening_trade.planned_price, Decimal(0), Decimal(0), 0, opening_trade.native_token_price, force=True, ) assert counter_trade.is_success() assert counter_trade.get_value() == 0 assert counter_trade.get_position_quantity() == 0 assert counter_trade.trade_type == c = counter_trade now = datetime.datetime.utcnow() assert c.trade_id c.repaired_trade_id = opening_trade.trade_id opening_trade.add_note(f"Repaired at {now.strftime('%Y-%m-%d %H:%M')}, by #{c.trade_id}") c.add_note(f"Repairing to close the position, full position size gone missing") portfolio.close_position(position, datetime.datetime.utcnow()) return c
[docs]def find_trades_to_be_repaired(state: State) -> List[TradeExecution]: trades_to_be_repaired = [] # Closed trades do not need attention for p in chain(state.portfolio.open_positions.values(), state.portfolio.frozen_positions.values()): t: TradeExecution for t in p.trades.values(): if t.is_repair_needed():"Found a trade needing repair: %s", t) trades_to_be_repaired.append(t) return trades_to_be_repaired
[docs]def reconfirm_trade(reconfirming_needed_trades: List[TradeExecution]): raise NotImplementedError("Unfinished") for t in reconfirming_needed_trades: assert t.get_status() == TradeStatus.broadcasted receipt_data = wait_trades_to_complete( self.web3, [t], max_timeout=self.confirmation_timeout, confirmation_block_count=self.confirmation_block_count, ) assert len(receipt_data) > 0, f"Got bad receipts: {receipt_data}" tx_data = {tx.tx_hash: (t, tx) for tx in t.blockchain_transactions} self.resolve_trades(, state, tx_data, receipt_data, stop_on_execution_failure=True) t.repaired_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() t.add_note(f"Failed broadcast repaired at {t.repaired_at}") repaired.append(t)
[docs]def unfreeze_position(portfolio: Portfolio, position: TradingPosition) -> bool: """Attempt to unfreeze positions. - All failed trades on a position must be cleared :return: if we managed to unfreeze the position """ # Double check trade status look good and we have no longer failed trades trades = list(position.trades.values()) assert all([t.is_success() for t in trades]), f"All trades where not successful: {trades}" assert all([not t.is_failed() for t in trades]), f"Some trades were still failed: {trades}" assert any([t.is_repaired() for t in trades]) # Based on if the last failing trade was open or close, # the position should ended up in open or closed total_equity = position.get_quantity_old() if total_equity > 0: portfolio.open_positions[position.position_id] = position elif total_equity == 0: assert position.can_be_closed() portfolio.closed_positions[position.position_id] = position position.closed_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() else: raise RuntimeError("Not gonna happen") position.unfrozen_at = datetime.datetime.utcnow() del portfolio.frozen_positions[position.position_id] if position.notes is None: position.notes = "" position.add_notes_message(f"Unfrozen at {datetime.datetime.utcnow()}") return True
[docs]def repair_trades( state: State, attempt_repair=True, interactive=True) -> RepairResult: """Repair trade. - Find frozen positions and trades in them - Mark trades invalidated - Make the necessary counter trades to fix the total balances - Does not actually broadcast any transactions - only fixes the internal accounting :param attempt_repair: If not set, only list broken trades and frozen positions. Do not attempt to repair them. :param interactive: Command line interactive user experience. Allows press `n` for abort. :raise RepairAborted: User chose no """"Repairing trades") frozen_positions = list(state.portfolio.frozen_positions.values())"Strategy has %d frozen positions", len(frozen_positions)) trades_to_be_repaired = find_trades_to_be_repaired(state)"Found %d trades to be repaired", len(trades_to_be_repaired)) if len(trades_to_be_repaired) == 0 or not attempt_repair: return RepairResult( frozen_positions, [], trades_to_be_repaired, [], ) if interactive: for t in trades_to_be_repaired: print("Needs repair:", t) confirmation = input("Attempt to repair [y/n]").lower() if confirmation != "y": raise RepairAborted() new_trades = [] for t in trades_to_be_repaired: new_trades.append(repair_trade(state.portfolio, t)) unfrozen_positions = [] for p in frozen_positions: if unfreeze_position(state.portfolio, p): unfrozen_positions.append(p)"Position unfrozen: %s", p) for t in new_trades:"Correction trade made: %s", t) return RepairResult( frozen_positions, unfrozen_positions, trades_to_be_repaired, new_trades, )