Source code for tradeexecutor.strategy.tag

"""Tagging live strategies."""

import enum

[docs]class StrategyTag(enum.Enum): """Tags we can for a strategy. - Tags give the context of the strategy and its life cycle for the users and the development team - Tags are shown in the strategy explorer and are a sorting criteria for displaying strategies to the user: live > beta > alpha > prototype - Some strategy functionality e.g. displaying the risk metrics and additional disclaimer depends on the tags """ #: This strategy module is part of internal unit test suite unit_testing = "unit_testing" #: Testing strategy in forward-testing alpha = "alpha" #: Users can deposit beta = "beta" #: The strategy is expected to make profit and has enough history to show this live = "live" #: The strategy is not expected to make profit, but is only running as an infrastructure test internal_testing = "internal_testing" #: The strategy should appear on the front page hero box showcasing strategies hero = "hero"