Source code for tradeexecutor.visual.image_output

"""Charts export to PNG.

- Render Plotly figures as static PNG images

- Used on a frontend for the performance charts, in Discord posts

from io import BytesIO

import plotly.graph_objects as go
import webbrowser
from pathlib import Path

[docs]def render_plotly_figure_as_image_file( figure: go.Figure, format: str = "png", width: int = 512, height: int = 512, ) -> bytes: """"Render Plotly figure as a static PNG image. See - - :param format: "png" or "svg" """ assert format in ["png", "svg"], "Format must be png or svg" stream = BytesIO() figure.write_image( stream, format=format, engine="kaleido", width=width, height=height, ) data = stream.getvalue() stream.close() return data
[docs]def open_plotly_figure_in_browser(figure: go.Figure, height:int = 512, width: int = 512) -> None: """Open Plotly figure in a browser. Useful for debugging. See :param figure: Plotly figure """ png_data = render_plotly_figure_as_image_file(figure, height=height, width=width) path = Path("/tmp/test-image.png") with open(path, "wb") as out: out.write(png_data)"file://{path.as_posix()}")
[docs]def open_bytes_in_browser(data: bytes, format="png") -> None: """Open bytes in a browser. Useful for debugging. :param data: bytes data to be used to create an image """ path = Path(f"/tmp/test-image.{format}") with open(path, "wb") as out: out.write(data)"file://{path.as_posix()}")